The Fishing skill speaks for itself, it is the skill in which you catch fish. To catch specific fish, all you need is the right tool for it. You need nets for some fish, rods for others (Feathers or bait), etc. When you are fishing with a net, your player will bend down to his knees, lean towards the water, and fish with the net. When you are fishing with a rod, your player will bend down a little and hold the rod. When you are fishing with a cage, your player will bend down on both knees and attempt to catch fish. With a harpoon, your player will bend down on both knees and attempt to fish. When fishing with just your hand, the player will bend down on one knee and attempt to catch a fish. The fish you acquire can be used as a means to make money to help in your on-going adventures, or to benefit other skills, such as leveling your Cooking skill, cooking the fish into usable food. There are many places to fish in RuneScape. Some popular areas are Shilo Village, the Fishing Guild and Catherby.


[edit] Basic Fish

Here is a list of the basic fish you are able to catch.

Pic Catch Level Required Experience Tool Required
Rawshrimp Shrimp 1 10 Net
Rawcrayfish Crayfish 1 10 Crayfish cage
Raw karambwanji.gif Karambwanji 5 10 Net
Rawsardine Sardine 5 20 Fishing Rod & Bait
Rawherring Herring 10 30 Fishing Rod & Bait
Rawanchovies Anchovies 15 40 Net
Rawmackerel Mackerel 16 20 Big Fishing Net
Rawtrout Trout 20 50 Fly Fishing Rod

& Feathers

Rawcod Cod 23 45 Big Fishing Net
Pike Pike 25 60 Fishing Rod & Bait
Slimey Eal Slimey Eel 28 65 Fishing Rod & Bait
Salmon Salmon 30 70 Fly Fishing Rod

& Feathers

Giantfrog Spawn Giant Frogspawn 33 75 Net
Tuna Tuna 35 80 Harpoon
Cave Eel Cave Eel 38 80 Fishing Rod & Bait
Rainbow Fish Rainbow Fish 38 80 Fly Fishing Rod &

Stripey Feather

Lobster Lobster 40 90 Lobster Pot
Bass Bass 46 100 Big Fishing Net
Leaping Trought Leaping Trout 48 60 Heavy Rod
Swordfish Swordfish 50 100 Harpoon
Lava Eel Lava Eel 53 60 Oily Fishing Rod
Leaping Salmon Leaping Salmon 58 82 Heavy Rod
Monkfish Monk fish 62 120 Net
Karambwan Karambwan 65 105 Karambwan Vessel
Leaping Sturgeon Leaping Sturgeon 70 92 Heavy Rod
Shark Shark 76 110 Harpoon
Sea Turtle Sea Turtle 79 38 Fishing Trawler Boat
Manta Ray Manta Ray 81 46 Fishing Trawler Boat
Raw Cavefish Cavefish 85 300 Fishing Rod & Bait
Raw Rocktail Rocktail 90 380 Fishing Rod & Living Minerals

[edit] Equipment

[edit] Fishing Tools

Picture Name of Tool Level Bait Location
Net Net 1 None Fishing Tutor
Catherby Fishing Shop
Port Sarim Fishing Shop
fishing rod Fishing Rod 5 Bait Catherby Fishing Shop
Port Sarim Fishing Shop
Big net Big Net 16 None Catherby Fishing Shop
Fly Fishing Rod Fly Fishing Rod 20 Feathers Port Sarim Fishing Shop
Shilo Village Fishing Shop
Harpoon Harpoon 35 None Port Sarim Fishing Shop
barb tail harpoon Barb Tail Harpoon 35 None Drop from Barb Tailed Kebbits
(Refer too Hunter Guide for more information)
lobster pot Lobster Pot 40 None Port Sarim Fishing Shop
Catherby Fishing Shop
Barbarian rod Barbarian Rod 46 Bait Get from Otto Godblessed, below Barbarian Outpost
oily fishing rod Oily Fishing Rod 53 Bait Quest Item
Karambwan vessel Karambwan Vessel 65 Karambwanji Quest Item

[edit] Bait

Picture Bait Name Where to Find
Bait Bait Fishing Shops
Feather Feather(s) Fishing Shops, Chicken Drop
Karambwanji Karambwanji Fish with small net south of Tai Bwo Wannai Village
Stripy Feather Stripy Feather Hunt the Tropical Wagtail

[edit] Training

As of right now the Training section is Free to Play only.

1 - 20

Fishing Crayfish is the fastest experience for now. It is much faster than Shrimp. To fish Crayfish go South of the Lumbridge Church.

20 - 60/99

Now you can Fly Fish Trout and soon to be Salmon at level 30. This is the fastest experience in Free to Play and many powerfish Trout and Salmon all the way to 99. To do this you will need around 260,000 feathers. Good places to fly fish are near Barbarian Village and at the Lumbridge River. For members you can fish Salmon and Trout at Shilo Village for around 30K-40K experience an hour. You can also use a Familiar here, since there is an Obelisk near by to recharge Summoning points. This is the fastest method to earn experience when members.

60 - 99

If you ever get bored of fishing Trout and Salmon then try fishing Lobsters. This is one of the best ways to make money while fishing. Lobsters are around 300 gp each and are pretty slow even at 60. You could also try fishing Swordfish however it is not recommended. They may be slightly more profitable but slower and not in very high demand. If you fish Lobsters to 99, you will make atleast 40 million gp.

62 - 99

Another way to get 99 Fishing is by monkfish at the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. It was added with the release of the Swan Song Quest, and offers a new way to fish. Start by completing the Quest if you haven't; use a spirit tree to travel to the Gnome Stronghold, or run northwest from Ardougne and then complete the quest. A much faster way to get to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony is to use the Fairy Ring Code A-K-Q. After you're done that, grab a small fishing net and fish away. This is one of the faster ways to train, earning around 20K experience an hour, while also getting 100k or so coins an hour.

[edit] Cape of Achievement

Once you achieve level 99 Fishing you can buy a Fishing Skill Cape from the Master Fisher at the Fishing Guild for 99,000 gp. Capes of Achievement are membership only items and cannot be bought in free to play worlds. If Fishing is your first level 99 skill the cape will be solid light blue. However, if Fishing is your second level 99 skill the cape will be light blue with a gold trim.

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