Falador is the capital of the kingdom of Asgarnia, and quite a crowded city. It was the unofficial trade center prior to the release of the Grand Exchange, mostly on World 2 in member's worlds. Falador is one of the largest cities in all of Runescape, and it is the biggest city available to free players.


[edit] Location

Falador is located far west in free worlds, the most western city available to free players. It lies north of Port Sarim and due west on a path from Barbarian Village. To the east, in members worlds, is Taverly. There are numerous ways to get to Falador. Simply walking west from Barbarian Village along the path will lead you to Falador, as well as walking north from Port Sarim along the path. Falador Teleport, available at 37 Magic, will teleport you directly into the city's center square, just as a Falador Teleport Portal will(requires 50 Construction and a POH). There are also a few Agility shortcuts along the walls that you can use to climb, grapple, or tunnel into Falador.

[edit] Points of Interest

Bank - Falador has two banks, one located to the east, closest to the northern entrance and the eastern agility shortcut. The other bank is located to the west, directly on the path of the southern entrance, and in close proximity to the Mining Guild.

Mining Guild - Located very close to the west bank, the Mining Guild is very popular due to it's abundance of coal rocks, as well as a few mithril rocks. The guild is also attached to the Dwarven Mines.

Furnace - South of Cassie's Shield Shop is the only furnace in Falador. It is relatively close to the western bank, making it a popular smelting spot.

Party Room - Located in the northeastern part of the city, the Party Room is where players pay to host drop parties for all of Runescape. It was located in Seers' Village at one point in time, it was moved to Falador and made available to all players, both free and members.

Falador is also home to a number of quests, including Recruitment Drive.

[edit] Skills

Many skills are able to be trained in Falador. From the Mining Guild(mining), to the furnace(smithing), all the way south to the air runecrafting altar(runecrafting). Next to the air altar are some yew trees to help out your woodcutting, as well as a few other oak and normal trees.

[edit] Shops

Flynn's Mace Market

Picture Iteam Price
Bronze mace.gif Bronze Mace 18gp
Iron mace.gif Iron Mace 63gp
Steel mace.gif Steel Mace 225gp
Mithril mace.gif Mithril Mace 585gp
Adamant mace.gif Adamant Mace 1,440gp

Falador General Store

Picture Iteam Price
Pot.gif Pot 1gp
Jug of wine.gif Jug 1gp
[Image Not Availible] Shears 1gp
Bucket.gif Bucket 2gp
Bowl.gif Bowl 5gp
Cake tin.gif Cake Tin 13gp
Tinderbox.gif Tinderbox 1gp
Chisel.gif Chisel 1gp
Hammer.gif Hammer 1gp
[Image Not Availible] Newcomer Map 1gp
[Image Not Availible] Security Book 2gp

Cassie's Shield Shop

Picture Iteam Price
Wooden shield.gif Wooden Shield 20gp
Bronze square shield.gif Bronze Square Shield 48gp
Bronze kiteshield.gif Bronze Kiteshield 68gp
Iron square shield.gif Iron Square Shield 168gp
Iron kiteshield.gif Iron Kiteshield 238gp
Steel square shield.gif Steel Square Shield 600gp
Steel kiteshield.gif Steel Kiteshield 850gp
Mithril square shield.gif Mithril Square Shield 1,560gp

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