Entrana is possibly the holiest island you might ever see. NO "Zamorakian instruments of death" are allowed on Entrana(Zamorakian instruments of death are weapons and armor). To get to Entrana, you have to go to Port Sarim and talk to the Monks of Entrana. After they search you and make sure you have no weapons or armor, you can travel to Entrana.

An overview of Entrana

Entrana has no real use, other than starting the Enlightened Journey quest and being used for other quests. Once you arrive, you can go east to a fishing spot, northeast to an altar, and north is a furnace with Fritz the Glassblower in it, who teaches you how to blow glass and will pay 20 gp for each piece of molten glass you bring him. Head northwest to Augustus(where you start the Enlightened Journey quest) and a house with a range, and west to a herblore shop where you can buy empty vials, eye of newts, and pestle & mortars, your basic herblore materials. Once you cross the bridge on the east side of town (the land bridge on the west is blocked by trees) you can go to the northern part of the island. From there, you can go west to a house with chickens and another range. Lower levels can use this place to get both their combat and cooking levels up, as they can kill and cook the chickens. South of the house is another fishing spot. Going even further west, you can see the Entranan dungeon, which is part of the Lost City quest (see Dramen Dungeon part of quest guide to find out more about the dungeon.) Going north, you can see the Entranan FireBird, (part of Heroes' Quest, you need ice gloves to pick up the feathers they drop) 2 plank respawns, and the Law Runecrafting Altar. Most players use The Abyss, but in world 66 you can still find players offering assist to make laws for you. This is not recommended if you have 54 Runecrafting.

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