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Edgeville Map

Sitting right on the edge of the Wilderness, it's easy to imagine how this city got it's name. Edgeville was once a thriving city based mostly on Player Killing(Pking) and Runecrafting. The Wilderness right outside of the city was single combat, and in world 18, a members world, you could hardly move for the amount of people that were running by. However, with the abolition of the Wilderness as PKers knew it, Edgeville lost a lot of it's shine and was abandoned by the thousands.

[edit] Location

Edgeville is easily accessible, either from Barbarian Village directly to the south, or from the North, if you were coming down from the Wilderness. Even people from Varrock can travel to Edgeville easily, just by moving west along the edge of the Wilderness. The easiest way of reaching Edgeville, however, is by Amulet of Glory. The Edgeville teleport from a Glory sets you down right outside Edgeville's only bank. The Ancient Magic spellbook has an Edgeville teleport as well. Another different, but nifty way of reaching Edgeville is by canoe, seeing as the canoe station is just across the river from the bank.

[edit] Points of Interest

Edgeville Bank - The bank itself isn't so amazing, it's the fact that with an Amulet of Glory, you could teleport from anywhere and be rummaging through your bank in a matter of seconds. A lot of Abyss Runecrafters use this method, seeing as how close it is to The Abyss.
Edgeville Bank

Oziach's Shop - If you've finished Dragon Slayer, you can purchase a rune platebody or green dragonhide body from Oziach. However, he's quite pricy compared to the Grand Exchange or other players, so you'd be better off avoiding him.

Yew Trees - Just a few seconds south of the bank, there are two yew trees that are immensely popular amongst both free players and members. Being just a few seconds from the bank helps a lot when the yews take a bit longer to cut.

[edit] Edgeville Dungeon

The Edgeville Dungeon entrance is south near the Yew Trees, but hidden in a corner behind a coffin. As the name implies, it's an underground dungeon and full of all sorts of monsters for combat training. For free players, they have a few options to choose from, but the biggest draw in Edgeville Dungeon are the Hill Giants, who are sought after for their big bones.

Hill Giants in Edge Dungeon

There's also a mine in the middle of the dungeon, guarded by skeletons. The rocks include adamantite, mithril, silver, coal, and iron.

Now for members, they have much more to explore in the dungeon. There's actually a section in the dungeon that is considered part of the Wilderness, and before the war on RWT started, some people used to PK down there. However, there are quite a few other options down there that players take advantage of every day. Chaos druids are kill most often for their herb drops, as one could make a hefty profit off of them. Also, members can train their Slayer up by visiting Vannaka, a slayer master who lives in the Edgeville Dungeon. There's also an obstacle pipe under Vannaka to the Moss Giants in Varrock Sewers (you need 51 agility to use it though)

Obstacle Pipe to Moss Giants

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