Dwarven Stout

Dwarven Stout
Dwarven Stout
Examine: A pint of thick dark beer.

The Dwarven stout can be bought at the Pub in Falador for 2GP, It can also be made with the requirements of 19 Cooking. Its main use is it’s ability to boost Mining and Smithing for a short period of time, this allows people with only 59 Mining to be able to enter the Guild. It also lets people who say; want to craft a Rune Platebody and only have 98 Smithing it will boost them to 99 to make the item.

Another use of the Dwarven stout is that you can mine Runite Ore at 84 Mining instead of 85.

  • Note: The Dwarven stout, although has all these positives it does indeed have a setback. It reduces your Attack, Strength, and Defence by Two.

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