Dwarf Cannon

Dwarf Cannon
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointTalk to Captain Lawgof
Skill RequirementsNone!
Quest RequirementsNone!
Item RequirementsNone!
Skill Recommendations20 agility (for using the log shortcut)
Quest RecommendationsNone!
Item RecommendationsTele-tabs for Falador and Camelot (or runes)

[edit] The Quest

Talk to Captain Lawgof who's in the Dwarf Battlefield above the fishing guild.

Where you start the quest!

He'll ask you to fix the fence. If you agree, he'll give you a hammer and 6 railings. You see the red spots at the minimap? Well, that's the fence. You have to walk and inspect the fence to see if it's broken. If it is, you'll have to fix it. Once you've used up all 6 railings, talk to Lawgof again. He'll tell you to go down to one of his towers. They're south of the BattleField. Go south until you see a ladder, which you should climb. On the top floor, there should be some.. DWARF REMAINS! Oh no! Take the dwarf remains and give it to Lawgof. You have to find the dead dwarf's son now. He's in that little cave under the Fishing Guild, marked by the dungeon sign. Once you're in, use the middle way to that has alot of boxes in it. You have to search the boxes until you find the son, who is named Lollk. After talking to him, go back to Lawgof. There's ANOTHER problem now! His cannon is broken. You'll get a toolkit. Go to the cannon in the west and click repair. A repair screen will appear. To fix the cannon, you have to... ENTER CANNON FIXING INFORMATION HERE PLEASE. Once the cannon is fixed, you have to go back to Lawgof. This will be the LAST task, I swear. Turns out that he doesn't even know what his cannon fired. Teleport to Falador (or walk there, I guess) and go up to Dwarf Mountain (under Ice Mountain). Talk to Nulodion in the most north-western building, and he'll give you some notes and an ammo mould. Teleport to Camelot, go back to Lawgof, and talk to him. Congratulations! You have completed Dwarf Cannon! (A.K.A: 5 Small Favors)

[edit] Rewards

  • 1 Quest Point
  • Ability to use the Dwarf MultiCannon.
  • 750 crafting experience.

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