Dragon (monster)

Dragons are monsters that are commonly trained on for their xp and drops. There are 4 types of dragons (ordered from weakest to strongest):

( Elvarg, technically a green dragon, is the only dragon that can be killed by free players, and only during Dragon Slayer )

To kill dragons, you must either use an anti-dragon shield/dragonfire shield or drink a anti-firebreath potion. If you use both, dragonfire will hit even less on you. If you do not use either of these, then the dragonfire will hit extremely hard on you.

  • Using some kind of protection against dragonfire, it will hit 0-5.


  • Not using any protection will result in being hit extremely hard.


Dragons drop clue scrolls, dragonhide (which can be used to make dragonhide armor, the type of dragonhide depends on the color of the dragon), and dragon bones (the best kind of bones availible for training prayer).

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