Dragon (item)

[edit] Dragon Armour

The Elusive Dragon Chainbody

While Dragon is not the most defensive armour available, it boasts something which a few other higher quality armours do not, the ability in which it does not degrade. Not only this but Dragon Armour is constantly and consistently being a benchmark in showing wealth and players "In-Game Costumes", as it is rather pleasing to the eye.

It's rather low defence requirement, which is 60, when compared with its defensive stats is not to be taken lightly. Dragon Armour is also quite expensive so beware when purchasing it, if you die then it could hurt your pocket.

For most of the Dragon Weapons and Armour, it will either fall into the category of a rare drop or has a Quest Requirement.

Dragon Armour List
Picture Name of Item Requirements
Dragon_med.gif Dragon Medium Helmet 60 Defence
Dragon_full.gif Dragon Full Helmet 60 Defence
Dragon_chain.gif Dragon Chainbody 60 Defence
Dragon_plate.gif Dragon Platebody 60 Defence
Dragon_legs.gif Dragon Platelegs 60 Defence
Dragon_skirt.gif Dragon Plateskirt 60 Defence
Dragon_square.gif Dragon Square Shield 60 Defence & Completion of the Legend's Quest
Dragon_boots.gif Dragon Boots 60 Defence
Dragon_gaunt.gif Dragon Gauntlets 60 Defence
Dragon_gloves.gif Dragon Gloves 34 Defence & Completion of 8 Sub-Quests in "Recipe for Disaster"

[edit] Dragon Weapons

Dragon Claws

All Dragon Weapons require 60 Attack to wield them, and a minority require levels in other stats, for example a Dragon Pickaxe. While Dragon Weapons are not the best in the world of RuneScape, they are great for lower levels, and for people who are a bit low on money.

One of the more appealing things about Dragon Weapons is their Special Attack, which Free Players do not have access to, as all Dragon items are strictly P2P. An exception to this rule is the elusive "Corrupt" Items which will vanish within a certain time span of combat, and do not have access to a Special Attack.

Dragon Weapon List
Picture Name of Item Requirements
Dragon_dagger.gif Dragon Dagger 60 Attack & Completion of "Lost City"
Dragon_long.gif Dragon Longsword 60 Attack & Completion of "Lost City"
Dragon_battleaxe.gif Dragon Battle Axe 60 Attack & Completion of the Hero's Quest
Dragon_mace.gif Dragon Mace 60 Attack & Completion of the Hero's Quest
Dragon_spear.gif Dragon Spear 60 Attack
Dragon_halberd.gif Dragon Halberd 60 Attack, 30 Strength & Completion of "Regicide"
Dragon_scim.gif Dragon Scimitar 60 Attack & Completion of "Monkey Madness"
Dragon_hatchet.gif Dragon Hatchet 60 Attack & 61 Woodcutting to use.
Dragon_pick.gif Dragon Pickaxe 60 Attack & 61 Mining to use.
Dragon_2h.gif Dragon 2H Sword 60 Attack
Dragon_claws.gif Dragon Claws 60 Attack

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