Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer
Gypsy Aris
Gypsy Aris
Requires MembershipNo
Start PointVarrock Square's Gypsy tent
Skill RequirementsCombat high enough to tackle a level 27 demon
Quest Requirements
Item Requirements25 Normal Bones, and 1 coin


[edit] Starting Out

After talking with Gypsy Aris and accepting to defeat Delrith, go into Varrock Palace and at the left of the main staircase, you will find Sir Prysin, the person who is supposed to have Silverlight. Unfortunately, Silverlight is in a case that can only be opened by 3 keys.

[edit] Obtaining the Keys

The first key can be obtained by going to the north-west tower of the palace. On the second floor of the tower, you will find Captain Rovin who will give you one of the keys eventually.

For the second key, go to the palace kitchen (North-East) and go outside where there is a drain. Pour the water into the drain and the key will fall into the sewers (If you don't have the bucket of water, there is a bucket respawn in the room above the kitchen). Go into the sewers (It's marked by a ! sign on the minimap) and follow the north-west passage. You will find the second key on the ground there.

For the third Key, you will have to go to the Wizard Tower which is South-West of Lumbridge. On your way there, obtain 25 normal bones. When you're at the Wizard Tower, go to the second floor and talk to Wizard Traiborn. He will need 25 normal bones for a ritual and after the ritual, he will give you the third key.

[edit] Slaying the Demon

Once you have the 3 keys, go back to Sir Prysin and he will give you Silverlight. Now go to the gypsy and ask her for the incantation to defeat the demon (It is helpful to write it down on a piece of paper). After memorizing (or writing) down the incantation, go to the stonehenge structure just south of Varrock. You will witness a ritualistic clip but just kill Delrith with Silverlight. After defeating him, recite the incantation and you're done.

[edit] Reward

  • 3 Quest Points
  • Silverlight Sword which can be used to weaken demons

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