Crafting Guild

The Crafting Guild is a prestigious guild which requires 40 Crafting to enter, and you must be wearing a brown apron as well(which can be purchased in the clothing shop in central Varrock). It is located north of Rimmington and southwest of Falador. Inside you'll find a wide array of things to aid in your crafting, as well as the Master of Crafting, whom you can buy a Cape of Achievement from if you have 99 Crafting.

[edit] First Floor

The first floor contains four potters wheels on which you can make unfired clay pottery items and a pottery oven to harden your clay pottery items. There are also items lying around on the tables, including a jug, a chisel, a hammer, an amulet mould, and a bracelet mould.

To the east is a mine in which there are seven gold rocks, 6 clay rocks, and 6 silver rocks. This mine is very popular among free players, as it holds the most gold and silver of any mine available to free players.

To the west is a group of cows, which do not require 40 crafting to kill. These are great low level combat and crafting experience, as you may take their hides up to the Tanner on the second floor and then craft them into leather armors.

[edit] Second Floor

The second floor contains a Tanner for tanning hides to make into armors and two spinning wheels. There are several respawning items around, including a pair of shears, a tiara mould, a necklace mould, a ring mould, a holy mould, a bracelet mould, and an amulet mould.

To the north of the guild there is a flock of sheep which may be sheared and then spun on the spinning wheel for more crafting experience.

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