Cooking Guild

The Cooking Guild

The Cooking Guild is a prestigious place for all experienced cooks to further their skills, lying just west of Varrock. It requires level 32 Cooking to enter, and players must wear either a chef's hat or Varrock armor 3 to be admitted. Also, players with 99 Cooking wearing their Cooking Cape of Achievement can enter. The guild is a three story building, containing a lot of equipment to help in your cooking, as well as a grain field in the back of the guild to help make flour. To get here, simply walk west from Varrock, or a skills necklace can be used to teleport directly outside of the guild.

[edit] First Floor

The Master Chef

On the first floor of the guild, you'll meet the Head Chef. If you achieve 99 cooking, you can buy the Cooking Cape of Achievement from him for 99k coins. To the right of the Head Chef, there is a bank and a range for easy cooking. However, only members can use this area, specifically only members who have completed the Varrock Achievement Diary. There is a chocolate bar on the northern table, which can be collected, turned into chocolate dust, and sold in large quantities for good profit.

[edit] Second Floor

The second floor contains two ranges and a number of respawning items. These items include two cooking apples, pie dishes, cake tins, and bowls. This is a good place to collect items needed for making apple pies, seeing as you can collect grain in the back of the guild and grind it into flour on the third floor.

[edit] Third Floor

The highest floor in the guild contains a hopper in which you can put grain in to produce flour. A few respawning items sit around; grapes, a jug, a pot, and a cooking apple. This makes it easy for lower level cooks to gain experience by making wine with the items found on the tables, which respawn regularly.

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