Cooking is a traditional skill with the primary purpose of keeping you alive. It is easily the most efficient way to gain health or boost other skills, and can also be fun and profitable along the way. The higher your cooking skill, the better food you can cook which, in turn, restores more health. The higher your cooking level, the less likely you are too burn your food. There are a number of ways to cook food. You can use a range, fire, or an iron spit if you are a member. Fires can be used to cook only meat, fish, and teas. Cooking currently has over 50,000 players who has 99.


[edit] Meat

You can get meat by killing chickens, cows, bears, and giant rats. If you have a cooked piece of meat, you can cook it again and it will burn. Below is a list of different kinds of meat and how much it heals your health.

Image Name Level Experience Heals Extra
Cooked Meat Cooked meat 1 30 3 Good Starting food
cooked Rabbit Cooked Rabbit 1 30 5 Get from Hunting
Cooked Chicken Cooked chicken 1 30 3 Good Starting food
Sinew Sinew 1 10 Cannot be eaten Used as Crossbow String
roasted Bird Roasted bird meat 11 62 6 Get from Hunting
roasted Rabbit Roasted Rabbit 16 72.5 7 Get from Hunting
Cooked Skewered Spider Cooked Skewered Spider 16 80 7-10 Used during a Quest
roasted beast Roasted Beast Meat 21 82 8 Get from Hunting

[edit] Fish

You can get raw fish by fishing.

Raw Picture Name Cooked Picture Level Experience Heals
Shrimp Shrimp Cooked Shrimp 1 30 3
Karambwanji Karambwanji Cooked Karambwanji 1 10 3
Sardine Sardine Cooked Sardine 1 40 3
Anchovies Anchovies Cooked Anchovies 1 30 1
Karambwan Karambwan Poorly Cooked Karambwan 1 80 Poisons 5
Herring Herring Cooked Herring 5 50 5
Mackerel Mackerel Cooked Mackerel 10 60 6
Trout Trout Cooked Trout 15 70 7
Cod Cod Cooked Cod 18 75 7
Pike Pike Cooked Pike 20 80 8
Salmon Salmon Cooked Salmon 25 90 9
Tuna Tuna Cooked Tuna 30 100 10
Karambwan Karambwan Thoroughly Cooked Karambwan 30 190 18
Rainbow fish Rainbow fish Cooked Rainbow fish 35 110 11
Lobster Lobster Cooked Lobster 40 120 12
Bass Bass Cooked Bass 43 130 13
Swordfish Swordfish Cooked Swordfish 45 140 14
Lava Eel Lava Eel Cooked Lava Eel 53 30 14
Raw Monkfish Monkfish Cooked Monkfish 62 150 16
Shark Shark Cooked Shark 80 210 20
Sea Turtle Sea Turtle Cooked Sea Turtle 82 212 21
Manta Ray Manta Ray Cooked Manta Ray 91 216 22

[edit] Snails

Members can get snails by using the slayer skill. Once they find and kill the snail, they can then pick it up and cook it.

Image Name Level Experience Heals
Thin Snail Thin Snail 12 70 5 to 7
Lean Snail Lean Snail 17 80 6 to 8
Fat Snail Fat Snail 22 95 7 to 9

[edit] Pie

Oh pies. These are delicious and very helpful ingame. Here is how to make a pie:

1.Mix flour and water to make pastry dough

2.Place dough in an empty pie dish

3.Fill “Empty Pie” with your choice of filling depending on what pie you are cooking*

4.Cook the pie with fillings (i.e. redberries, meat, mud, etc.) on a Range.

  • Here are the second ingredients for pies:

Redberry pies call for redberries which can be found at the port sarim food shop, or you could grow them using the Farming Skill

Meat pies require cooked meat from a cow, bear, chicken, rat, or rabbit

Mud pies require mud. You can make mud by mixing compost water and clay.

Apple pies require a cooking apple

Garden pies requires a tomato, cabbage, and onion

Fish pies require cod, trout, and a raw potato

Admiral pies require tuna, salmon, and raw potato

Wild pies require raw bear meat, raw rabbit meat, and raw chompy meat

Summer pies require a strawberry, a watermelon, and an apple. See Farming Skill from strawberries and watermelons.

Image Name Level Experience Total healing Bonuses
Redberry Pie Redberry Pie 10 78 10 in two bites N/A
Meat Pie Meat Pie 20 110 12 in two bites N/A
Mud Pie Mud Pie 29 128 Cannot be eaten Throw at enemies to reduce their energy
Apple Pie Apple Pie 30 130 14 in two bites N/A
Garden Pie Garden Pie 34 128 12 in two bites +3 Farming
Fish Pie Fish Pie 47 164 12 in two bites +3 Fishing
Admiral Pie Admiral Pie 70 210 16 in two bites +5 Fishing
Wild Pie Wild Pie 85 240 22 in two bites +4 Range and +5 Slayer
Summer Pie Summer Pie 95 260 22 in two bites Heals 10% Energy and +5 Agility

[edit] Stew

How to make stews:

1.Get a bowl and fill it with water from a source

2.Get cooked meat and a potato and add them to the water.

3.(only if you are making curry) Add spice to the mix or you can add 3 curry leaves from the farming skill.

4.Bake the mix

Image Name Level Experience Heals
Stew Stew 25 117 11
Spicy Stew Spicy Stew 25 117 11
Curry Curry 60 280 19

[edit] Bread

Ah yes bread. Here is how to make bread:

1.Get flour and water

2.Mix the flour and water and you will get bread dough

3.Bake “bread dough” on a range

Image Name Level Experience Heals
Bread Bread 1 40 5
Pitta Bread Pitta Bread 58 40 Cannot be eaten

[edit] Pizza

How to make a pizza:

1.Mix flour and water and click pizza base

2.Use a tomato and a slice of cheese on the pizza base.

3.Add any toppings wanted


Image Name Level Experience Total healing
Plain Pizza Plain Pizza 35 143 14
Meat Pizza Meat Pizza 45 169 16
Anchovy Pizza Anchovy Pizza 55 182 18
Pineapple Pizza Pineapple Pizza 65 195 22
  • Pizza is like pies in that pizza is eaten in two bites.

[edit] Cake

How to make a Cake:

1.Get an egg, milk, some flour, and a cake tin

2.Click on either the egg, milk or flour (it does not matter which) and then click on the cake tin

3.Bake the mix

4.(Only for Chocolate Cakes) Add chocolate dust to the finished cake. This adds 30 xp

Image Name Level Experience Heals
Cooked Fishcake Cooked Fishcake 31 100 11
Cake Cake 40 180 12
Chocolate Cake Chocolate Cake 50 210 15
  • Cakes are eaten in 3 bites to eat the cake fully.

[edit] Baked Potato

Baked potatoes are a members only food. To make baked potatoes, cook a potato on a range only. If cooked on anything else, it will burn. To make alternate types of baked potatoes, add the desired ingredient.

Image Name Level Experience Heals
Baked Potato Baked Potato 7 15 4
Potato With Butter Potato with Butter 39 95.5 14
Chilli Con Carne Potato Chilli Potato 41 165.5 14
Cheese Potato Potato with Cheese 47 199.5 16
Egg Tomato Potato Egg Potato 51 195.5 16
Mushroom Onion Potato Mushroom and Onion Potato 64 270.5 20
Tuna Sweetcorn Potato Tuna Sweetcorn Potato 68 309.5 22

[edit] Wine

How to make wine:

1. Obtain a jug of water (use any jug with a fountain).

2. Add some grapes

3. You will get unfermented wine which will ferment in about 10 seconds

Image Name Level Experience Heals
Wine Wine 35 200 11
Wine Bad wine 35 0 0

[edit] Tea

How to make Tea

1.Get a bowl and fill it with water

2.Wearing gloves pick some nettles and use the with the water

3.Boil the “nettle water” on a range or fire

4.Use the bowl of nettle tea with a cup

Picture Name Cooking Level Cooking Experience Healing*
Nettle Tea Nettle Tea 20 52 3

[edit] Brewing

Brewing takes longer than any other type of cooking and involves much more ingredients. Brewing is also a members only skill.

To brew, you need 2 bundles of barley malt, a pot of ale yeast, 2 buckets of water and an ingredient that varies depending on what you want to make. Head to the brewery in either Keldagrim or Port Phasmatys, and pour your 2 buckets in the tub. Add the barley malt, then your ingredients and finally the ale yeast. Next, wait for a while, as much as an entire day in some cases. Once it's matured, turn the tap to fill the barrel next to the vat (make sure the barrel is empty first), then use beer glasses on the barrel and you'll get 8 beers for each barrel.

To make cider, you need 16 cooking apples, a pot of ale yeast, and 4 empty buckets. Head to the brewery and put four of the apples in the nearby cider barrel. Your character will squish the apples, making a bucket of apple mush. Once you have 4, add them, then the ale yeast into the fermenting vat and wait.

While brewing ales, you can brew a "matured" ale which is slightly more stronger than normal and is indicated by a (m) next to the name.

Most ales can temporarily raise or lower some of your stats, with matured ales raising them by one more than normal. Unfortunately, the positive effects of ales do not stack, however the negative effects do, so for example drinking 2 dwarven stouts in quick succession will only raise your mining and smithing levels by 1, but will lower your attack by 8, and your strength and defense by 6.

Image Name Level Experience Heals Effect
Cider Cider 14 182 2 +1 Farming. -3 Attack & Strength
Dwarven Stout Dwarven stout 19 215 1 +1 Mining & Smithing. -4 Attack. -3 Strength & Defense
Asgarnian Ale Asgarnian ale 24 248 2 +2 Strength. -4 Attack
Greenmans Ale Greenman's ale 29 281 1 +1 Herblore. -4 Attack. -3 Strength & Defense
Wizards Mind Bomb Wizard's mind bomb 34 314 1 +2/3 Magic (depending on your current level). -4 Attack. -3 Strength & Defense
Dragon Bitter Dragon bitter 39 347 1 +2 Strength. -2 Attack
Moonlight Mead Moonlight mead 44 380 5 None
Axemans Folly Axeman's folly 49 413 1 +1 Woodcutting. -3 Attack & Strength
Chefs Delight Chef's delight 54 446 1 +3 Cooking
Slayers Respite Slayer's respite 59 479 1 +1 Slayer. -3 Attack & Strength

[edit] Gnome Cooking

Gnome cooking is used mostly in the Gnome Restaurant minigame although the food still heals you.

Image Name Level Experience Heals
Fruit Blast Fruit Blast 6 50 9
Pineapple Punch Pineapple Punch 8 70 9
Toad Crunchies Toad Crunchies 10 100 8
Spice Crunchies Spicy Crunchies 12 100 7
Worm Crunchies Worm Crunchies 14 100 8
Chocolate Chip Crunchies Chocchip Crunchies 16 100 7
Wizard Blizzard Wizard Blizzard 18 110 5
Short Green Guy Short Green Guy (SGG) 20 120 5
Fruit Batta Fruit Batta 25 150 11
Toad Batta Toad Batta 26 152 11
Worm Batta Worm Batta 27 154 11
Vegetable Batta Vegetable Batta 28 156 11
Cheese And Tomato Batta Cheese and Tomato Batta 29 158 11
Worm Hole Worm Hole 30 170 12
Drunk Dragon Drunk Dragon 32 160 5
Choc Saturday Choc Saturday 33 170 5
Vegetable Ball Vegetable Ball 35 175 12
Blurberry Special Blurberry Special 37 180 7
Tangled Toads Legs Tangled Toad's Legs 40 185 15
Chocolate Bomb Chocolate Bomb 42 190 15

[edit] Cooking Gauntlets

Cooking gauntlets are steel gauntlets charged to burn less foods when worn. Steel gauntlet is a reward from the quest Family Crest. To change a steel gauntlet into a cooking gauntlet, talk to Caleb in Catherby. The gauntlets will help burn less tunas, lobsters, swordfishes, monkfishes, and sharks.

These are the approximate levels that will enable you to stop burning a fish:

Fish Name No gauntlets With Gauntlets
Raw Tuna Raw Tuna 65 N/A
Raw Lobster Raw Lobster 74 68
Raw Swordfish Raw Swordfish 86 81
Raw Monkfish Raw Monkfish 92 90
Raw Shark Raw Shark N/A 94

From my experience, raw monkfish stops burning at 90 cooking. I burned 2 monkfishes per inventory at average at 89 cooking but I didn't burn a single one from 90-94 cooking.

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