Cold War

Cold War
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointSpeak To Larry At Ardougne Zoo
Skill Requirements10 Hunter 30 Agility 30 Crafting 34 Construction
Quest RequirementsNone
Item Requirements10 Oak Planks, 10-20 Steel Nails, Hammer, Spade, 1 Plank, 1 Clockwork Mechanism, 1 Piece of Silk, 1 Soft Leather, 1 Mahogany Plank, Cowbell (Collected During the Quest)
Skill Recommendations15 Hunter 40 Agility
Quest RecommendationsNone
Item RecommendationsArdougne Teleport, 2 Lumbridge Teleports, and a House Teleport, or a friend with a Crafting Table 3+


[edit] Starting Point

Larry Ask You To Help Him With Observing Penguins In Their Natural Habitat. Agree and Bring Him 10 Oak planks, 10 Steel nails, a Spade, and a Hammer.

Once You Have The Required Materials, Speak To Larry Again, You Both Will Travel To An Iceberg. Once You Arrive, Go To The Snow Patch and Use The Oak Planks On It, This Will Result In You Making A Hideout. Next, You The Spade On The Hide Out and You Will Cover It With Snow To Conceal It.

[edit] Cut-Scene

Enter Your Covered Hideout, and A Cut-Scene Will Occur, You Will See Two Penguins, Take Note On What Emotes They Use, After The Cut-Scene Find Larry and Talk To Him, Agree That The Penguins Act Strangely, and Go Back On The Boat To Rellekka.

[edit] Post Cut-Scene

Talk To Larry Again, On The Rellekka Docks. He Comes Up With An Idea Involving A Very Crazy Scheme Involving Clockwork Penguin, and You Controlling It, Make Sure You Have These Materials In Your Inventory, a Plank, a Steel Bar, and a Piece of Silk, Use Your House Teleport, or Go To A Friends House, Use The Level 3 Crafting Table To Make The Clockwork Penguin.

1. Read The Clockwork Book

2. Use The Steel Bar On The Crafting Table, and Create A Clockwork Mechanism.(Only If You Don't Have A Clockwork Mechanism)

3. Click On The Crafting Table Again, Click Clockwork Toys, and Choose The Clockwork Penguin.

[edit] Tiny Times

Use The Ardougne Teleport. Meet Up With Larry At Ardougne Zoo, Tell Him You Have The Penguin Suit Ready, and You Will Go With Larry Back To The Iceburg. Once You Reach The Iceburg Larry Will Tell You The Penguins Destroyed The Hideout. Larry Will Teleport You Back To The Zoo.

Speak To Larry, and He Will Shrink You, Speak To The Penguin Keeper and He Will Put You Inside The Penguin Cage. Speak To One Of The Penguins, Use The 3 Emotes From Before, The Penguin Will Tell You The Mission Report, and Ask You To Go To The Penguin Operatives, Disguised As a Sheep.

Teleport To Lumbridge Using Your Teleport, Or Use The Home Teleport, Right-Click Larry and Choose Tuxedo-Time, Go To The Sheep Pen and Find The Disguised Penguins, Make Sure You Have No Armor Equipped, Speak The Disguised Penguins and Use The 3 Emotes From Before. They Won't Talk Without The Special Phrase.

Go Back To Ardoungne Zoo, Get A Raw Cod or Have A Ring Of Charos(a) Equipped, Speak To Larry, Choose Tuxedo-Time, Speak To The Penguin Keeper, Speak To The Penguin, Give The Penguin The Raw Cod or Just Charm Him, He Will Say "The Secret Phrase Is "Do Not Trust The Walrus""

Return To Lumbridge, Speak To Farmer Fred, Use Any Option, Go Back To The Disguised Penguins, Choose Any Option, They Will Than Give You The Mission Report, and Ask You To Go To The Penguin Outpost.

Note: If You Did Not Already Have The Swamp Tar, The 5 Feathers, a Piece of Leather, a Mahogany Plank, Food, Armor, and a Weapon With You, Then Visit a Bank and Withdraw These Items.

Speak To Larry At The Sheep Pen, and Have Him Teleport You To The Iceberg.

[edit] Spying On The Spy's

Once There, Find A KGP Agent, Perform The Special 3 Emotes But, He Will Also Require A ID Card, Sadly You Don't Have One.

Head To A Penguin Named Noodle, Trade Him The Swamp Tar and The 5 Feathers, He Will Give You A Mission Report and A KGP ID Card. Head Back To The KGP Agent and Do The 3 Emotes, Enter The Avalanche, Go To The Door To The Left, Speak With The KGP Agent, You Will Hand In The Mission Reports, He Will Tell You, You Need To Pass A Physical Test, Open The Door To The West And Head Down The Hall. Enter The Agility Course.

Note: You Will Receive Damage Every Time You Fail A Obstacle. So Be Sure To Eat Food When Needed.

Go To The Starting Checkered Line, Begin The Agility Course.

Swim Past The Crushers Without Getting Hit.

Climb Onto The Stepping Stones and Make Your Way To The Top.

Now, "Tread Softly" Under A Series Of Arches Of Icicles.

Finally, "Cross" The Ice Up The Mountain.

A Short Cut-Scene Will Occur After You Have Reached The Top Of The Mountain. Speak To The Instructor, and He Will Say You Use This Course Anytime Now. Exit The Course. Make Your Way Back To Larry. Talk With Him and He Will Tell You To Find The War Room. Head Back To The Penguin Base, Head North, To Two Large Doors. The Guard Will Say You Don't Have The Proper Clearance To Enter, Enter The Door With Two Penguins Surrounded By Instruments, Speak To Either Penguin (Ping or Pong), They Will Say They Can't Use The Instruments, and They Will Request You To Get Them, Penguin Bongos and a Cow Bell.

[edit] Ending Sequence

Head Back To Larry To Find Out How To Make Penguin Bongos. Take The Boat To Rellekka, Go To A Small Farm In The South Eastern Spot Of Rellekka, Steal A Cow Bell, Use The Mahogany Plank With The Leather To Make Penguin Bongos. Go Back To Larry, and Head To The Avalanche, Go Back To Ping and Pong, Speak To Either One And You Will Give The Instruments, A Small Cut-Scene Will Occur, You Will See Ping and Pong Start Making Noise. The Guard Will Leave His Post, Now Run To The Controls And Operate Them, Go Through The Gates and Head East To The War Room.

A Cut-Scene Will Occur, You Have Been Discovered, You Will Be Sent To The Level 51 Icelords, Kill One, and Exit Through The Gate and Exit Through The Small Crack.

Head Back To Larry and Tell Him What Happened, He Will Praise Himself For Suspecting The Penguins. A Small Cut-Scene Will Occur With A Huge Clockwork Penguin.


[edit] Reward

  • 1 Quest Point,
  • 2k Crafting,
  • 5k Agility,
  • 1.5k Construction,
  • Ability To Build A Penguin Suit

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