Catherby is a small members' only town mostly used for fishing and farming west of the White Wolf Mountain and South-East of the town Camelot. The town is located in the Kingdom of Kandarin and is accessible by teleporting to nearby town Camelot, shortcut route located on the White Wolf Mountain, and the underpass tunnels in the North Dwarf Bar. There's only really two things that people usually come to this town for, and that would be to use of the very convenient location of fishing to bank distance (along with the cooking range that is right next to the bank), and the farming allotment in the back of the bank.


[edit] Fishing

Fishing is definitely one of the main activities that go on in this town. There are 4 major locations for fishing, which can change as time progresses. Fishing methods available here are: small nets, big nets, lobster pots, harpoons, and Barbarian Fishing. If a player forgets his or her necessary tools for fishing, they can buy those items at Harry's Fishing Shop.

[edit] Cooking

Cooking is the sub-activity of fishing in a way. There are two ranges located in Catherby, and one of the ranges is right next door to the bank itself. The other is located north-east of the bank, also directly next to a sink which is helpful for other training methods.

[edit] Farming

A large allotment is located directly north of the bank, also there is a fruit tree patch located to the east of the bank near the end fishing spot. If players forget necessary items for farming, they can buy items for farming at the Catherby Farming Shop which is conveniently located right next to the farming allotment.

[edit] Shops

There are five shops located around the town of Catherby.

  • Vanessa's Farming Shop

Located North-East of the Bank.

Cath farming shop.PNG

  • Arhein's Store

Catherby's General Store, located South of the Bank.

Cath generalshop.PNG

  • Candle Shop

Here you can buy one candle (unlit) for 3 coins. Located West of the Bank.

  • Hickton's Archery Emporium

Catherby's Range Store. Located East of the Bank.

Catherby archershop.PNG

  • Harry's Fishing Shop

Located East of the Bank.


[edit] Charter Ship

There is one charter ship located south of the bank, and if you talk to Trader Stan, he could possibly take you to 9 different locations if you meet the requirements and have enough money.

[edit] Quest Starts

The quest Fishing Contest can be started by talking to Vestri who is North-East of Catherby at the Dwarf Bar entrance.

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