Catapult Construction

Underground Pass
Starting PointSpeak to the Catapult Guard, north of the Tyras Camp.
Skill Requirements42 Fletching, 44 Construction, 54 Smithing is also useful.
Quest RequirementsRegicide
Items RequiredSaw, Hammer, Knife, 10 Mahogany planks, 90 Mithril nails, Anti-poison, Food, Coins, and Runes for various teleports and boat trips.
Rewards2 Quest Points, 15k Construction XP, 5k Fletching XP, 30 Teak planks, 2k Coins, Adamant halberd, No friendly-fire when using Castle Wars catapults.


[edit] How To Start The Quest

Go to Isafdar and make your way to the west side (charter ships are a good idea for that), just north of the Tyras Camp. Use the Tirannwn Map and the map below. Make sure you also bring the 10 Mahogany planks, 90 Mithril nails, hammer, saw and knife. This will save you a trip to the bank and back to Tirranwn. You will see a rotting catapult and a Tyras guard. Speak to him and he will tell you to go see General Hining in the Tyras Camp just south.

[edit] Walkthrough

  • Step One: Speak to General Hining and offer to help repair the catapult. He will tell you to find the Catapult Engineer "somewhere in the forest" and will give you a letter to deliver to him.
  • Step Two: Go back to the catapult, then head southeast. Go through the dense forest, pass the trip wires, then head east and go through another dense forest. Now head north, past a leaf trap, then loop around northwest then southwest to find the engineer (if you are using the Tirannwn Map, he is near the stick trap a little north of the catapult).
  • Step Three: Talk to him and he will give you the catapult schematics. Read them, if you have 10 Mahogany planks and 90 Mithril nails, and you will make the parts. Note: You must have your saw, knife, and hammer in your inventory to make the catapult parts.
  • Step Four: After you made the parts, talk to the engineer again and read the letter. You will now need to go to get the metal parts for the catapult from Rolad the Dwarf on Ice Mountain (his workshop is opposite the place you get replacement cannons).
  • Step Five: When you speak to Rolad he will tell you that the parts have been dispatched to Port Sarim. Go there and find Thaki the delivery dwarf in the pub.
  • Step Six: Talk to Thaki and he will not believe that you are a sailor, so go outside and search the drunken sailor to get a Sailor's hat. Put it on then talk to Thaki again to get the parts.
  • Step Seven: Return to the Tyras guard with all the parts and repair the catapult. The correct placements are provided. (you must have your saw, hammer, and knife for this part)
Side One
Side Two
  • Step Eight: Talk to the guard and he will tell you to test the catapult. Adjust the direction and counterweight and fire the catapult to destroy the three rocks. You can try as many times as you want. Increasing the counterweight makes the rock go farther.
  • Step Nine: Talk to the guard again to claim your reward.

[edit] Quest Complete!

[edit] Rewards

  • 2 Quest Points
  • 15,000 Construction XP
  • 5,000 Fletching XP
  • 30 Teak planks
  • 2,000 coins
  • Adamant Halberd
  • No friendly-fire when using Castle Wars catapults.
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