Canifis is a town in western Morytania inhabited almost completely by werewolves. It is members-only. Players will need to have completed Priest in Peril before they can access any of Morytania.

[edit] Getting There

[edit] Features

  • Bank - There is a bank located in eastern Canifis. The bankers are perhaps the only non-werewolves in the village.
  • The second lowest-ranking Slayer master, Mazchna, can be found wandering around the path leading out of Canifis on the northeastern side.
  • There is a clothes shop in northern Canifis which sells coloured robes, hats, gloves, and boots.
  • A tanner can also be found in northern Canifis.
  • There is a taxidermist in western Canifis.
  • The Hair of the Dog tavern is located in southern Canifis, and is involved with several quests.

[edit] Quests

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