Blue Dragons

Blue Dragon Hunting Guide.. Now with 10% more dragon!


[edit] Introduction

Welcome to my small guide on hunting Blue Dragons, some of the toughest creatures in all of RuneScape. They may not be as strong as Metal Dragons or King Black Dragons, but they're not to be underestimated. ^^

I'll go through the best ways to kill these creatures, using the most efficient means, Ranged.

So, let's get started!

[edit] Location

Blue Dragons are located in three places. Taverly Dungeon, the basement of the Heroes Guild & Gutanoth (nothing to mention about this spot). There are 3 mother dragons in Taverly Dungeon, and only one in the Heroes Guild. Both places have spots to range/mage from. In this guide, I'll be focusing on the Taverly Dungeon spot.

[edit] How To Get There

To get to Taverly Dungeon, you'll want to start in Falador, more specifically at the west bank. Exit the bank and go south until you see a breach in the fortified wall. Jump over the breach and continue north-west past the mine until you see the "!" icon on the map, which is the entrance do the dungeon.


Now that you're in the dungeon, there are two routes to the dragons. One route requires the completion of a small task from a prisoner in the dungeon, in which you will be rewarded a key that opens the gate leading into the dragon room. The other route requires 70 Agility. The Agility route is extremly efficient, and is about 8x faster. (Authors Note: Map of dungeon to be included at a later date)

Room Entrance

[edit] The Room

Ok, so now we're in the dragon room. The room contains 3 mother dragons and a number of baby dragons. The baby dragons are level 48, while the mothers are a whopping level 111. The room also contains a number of dragon scale respawns, as well as the most important feature of all, the safe spots.

[edit] Safespots

There are 4 main safe spots in the room, none of which are reachable by blue dragons. This means that you can freely range or mage (hally included) the dragons while in these spots and not have to worry about being attacked!


Note: The spot in the first screen closest to the dragons is still reachable by baby dragons, thus requiring a combat level of 97 or else you’re likely to be auto-attacked by baby dragons all the time.

[edit] Fighting

[edit] Ranging

Ok, so now its time to actually kill a dragon. For the combat aspect of the guide, I'll be explaining how to kill them with the Ranged skill. I'd reccomend a Ranged level of 70 to kill blue dragons. You can probably get away with it at 60, but it will be quite slow.

The inventory you bring should look a little something like this:


Law, water & air runes for teleportation to Falador, mind runes (combined with the air runes) for a simplistic magic spell incase the place has unwanted visitors (using magic, you can one-click a dragon, which usually guarantees you the dragon unless someone over level 112 is there), an anti-dragonfire shield for travelling through areas where the dragons can hit you, and food for safety. The food shouldn't matter, choose anything you like. I choose lobsters because they're cheap and efficient. I only bring two because I probably won't use them, and it still leaves 21 other spots in my inventory for drops (20 after I pick up arrows).

Your equipment should be something like this:


This is for the average ranger. The outfit is relatively cheap, but still offers great bonuses. For those who can afford a fair bit extra, this is the way to go:

Higher Equipment

Note: Dark Gloves would go in the spot of the vambraces, and Fire Cape should go in the spot of the obsidian cape, but I don't have those yet. (Authors Note: Will be looking for someone to take a photo of their Dark Gloves for me, but this will suffice for now.)

[edit] Drops (Needs re-doing)

The idea is to sit in any of the 4 safe spots, and range the dragons. The drops you'll be looking for are dragon hides (2,000gp per) and dragon bones (2,200gp per).

Blue Dragons Drops.png

Blue dragons will drop these every single time, so you're guaranteed 4,000gp every time you kill a dragon. Aside from these, there are a few other nice drops which can occasionally occur, such as rune spears, half keys, level 3 clue scrolls, nature runes, dragon spears (rare) and dragon left half’s (extremly rare). As the dragons respawn so fast (roughly 20-30 second respawn time), you can make a surprisingly good amount of cash off them.

So, with the highest recommendations, you can obtain a full load of dragon hides & bones in around 10-15 minutes, and bank in less than 1 minute. At 30,000gp a trip, it can be quite the money maker. Also take into account that it's a great place to get range & HP xp on the side.


This concludes the guide. I hope it brings you good fortune. ^^

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