Bar Crawl

Hey all you drunken Runescapers! Ever wanted to see how much you could drink in Runescape? Or do you just wanna get hammered? Well, this small mini-quest is great for you!

Head out to the Barbarian Outpost by either using a games necklace or walking from Seers Village and talk to one of the guards near the agility course. They will eventually give you a barcrawl card:

Bar Crawl Card.png

This little mini-quest sends you running around Runescape hitting up bars for there strongest drinks. This also is required for the “Scorpion Catcher” quest and if you want to use the Barbarian agility course. Please note, drinking some of these will MASSIVELY alter your stats, so if you want, bring a super restore for when you finish.

The chart below shows each bar that you must go to. After the chart, I explain one way to make it through this a little bit faster.

Pic Bar Name Bar Location Cost Of Drink
Bar Crawl Blue Moon Inn.png Blue Moon Inn Southern Area Of Varrock 50gp
Bar Crawl Jolly Boar.png The Jolly Boar Inn North-East, Outside Of Varrok 10gp
Bar Crawl Rusty Anchor.png Rusty Anchor Inn Port Sarim 8gp
Bar Crawl Rising Sun.png Rising Sun Inn Outside Of West Bank, Falador 70gp
Bar Crawl Spirits Bar.png Karamja Spirits Bar Off The docks On F2P Karamja 7gp
Bar Crawl Dead Mans Chest.png Dead Man's Chest Brimhaven, South Of Agility Course 15gp
Bar Crawl Foresters Arms.png The Forester’s Arms Seers’ Village, West Of Bank 18gp
Bar Crawl Flying Horse.png Flying Horse Inn East Ardougne, North Of Castle 8gp
Bar Crawl Dragon Inn.png The Dragon Inn Yanille, South Of House Portal 12gp
Bar Crawl Blurberry.png Blurberry's Bar Second Floor Of Grand Tree, East Side 10gp

Withdraw 500gp, a Varrok teleport, Fally teleport (optional), Camelot teleport, Watchtower teleport (Optional, switch for Dueling Ring), and an Ardougne teleport (optional). Also, you can use the Gnome Gliders, but that’s if you’ve completed the “Grand Tree” quest.

First, teleport to Varrock, hit up the Blue Moon Inn and the Jolly Boar Inn, then teleport to Falador, or walk there, and hit up the Rising Sun Inn. Next, walk to Port Sarim, to the Rusty Anchor, and grab a beer there. Take the ship to Karamja, walking from the docks to the bar, then to Brimhaven, to the second bar on there. Teleport to Camelot, walk west to the bar, get tipsy there. From here you can walk or teleport to Ardy, and be a drunken mess there. Then you could either walk from Ardougne to Yanille, use a dueling ring to Castle Wars and walk to Yanille, or Watchtower telly. Hit up the Dragon Inn. Now you can either walk to the Grand Tree, or teleport home, walk to Al-Karid and take the glider to the Grand Tree, then hit up Blurberry. Head back to the outpost and turn in your card.

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