Baby Blue Dragon

Baby Blue Dragon
Baby Blue Dragon Image


[edit] Requirements

  • 50+ combat
  • Dusty key or 70 Agility
  • Anti-dragon breath shield advised

[edit] Location

The location of the baby blue dragons is the same place as the adult Blue Dragons inside Taverly dungeon. To get to the babies you must have either a dusty key, or at least 70 Agility. You go down the trapdoor into the dungeon, then if you have 70 Agility you can use the pipe shortcut to the east, and you will emerge in the Blue Dragon's lair. If you don't have 70 Agility, the go north from the entrance and try to go through the gate that has an armour stand either side. These will come to life; kill them both. You will then be in a room with a cauldron. Leave through the south gate then head east. Go south at the end, through the magic axes past the poison scorpions and over the bridge. Then head north until you get to a door. Use the dusty key on it. You are now in the Blue Dragon's lair. There are some babies at the door, which it is advised you wear the anti-dragon breath shield whilst you fight. There are also some babies if you go west then south, these are safe after you are down there, just make sure you wear the shield whilst getting to them.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Lower Levelled Melee

This applies to levels around 50-85. It is advised that you take plenty of food with you and wear the best armour and weaponry you can. Note that if you run low on health you can run to about the middle of the tunnel to the north and they will stop attacking you. It is also advisable to take a 1 touch teleport with in case of emergency.

[edit] Lower Levelled Range/Magic

This applies to levels around 50-85. There are some safespots and, if you are wearing ranged or magic gear it is advised you use them. Magic is highly ineffective at killing the dragons due to their thick hide so it is not recommended.

[edit] Higher Levelled Melee

This applies to levels around 85+. To increase your stay take Barrows armour and some food or guthans. Guthans is the most effective way but is unfortunately expensive.

[edit] Higher Levelled Range/Magic

This applies to levels around 85+. You may want to safespot although it will not be neccessary, take quite a bit of food though if you decide not to.

[edit] Why Kill The Babies?

The babies are much lower levelled than the adults and have the advantage of not being able to breathe fire. They drop babydragon bones which give 30 prayer experience each or can be sold for about 1k each. They also count for Slayer tasks as Blue Dragons which is very useful for lower levels as it would be difficult for them to kill a large amount of adults.

[edit] Drops

  • 100% - Babydragon bones

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