Amulet Of Glory

Amulets of Glory are a members' only item and are widely used by all players. They are made from a cut dragonstone and gold bar, then enchanted with the spell Level 5 Enchant. Once enchanted they have 4 charges, which can be used to teleport to Draynor Village, Edgeville, Al Kharid and Karamja. You can use an uncharged glory amulet on either a Geyser Titan or the Legend's Guild.

[edit] Bonuses

The bonuses of the Amulet of Glory are as follows: Attack Bonus Stab +10 Slash +10 Crush +10 Magic +10 Ranged +10

Defence Bonus Stab +3 Slash +3 Crush +3 Magic +3 Ranged +3 Summoning +3

Other Bonuses Strength +6 Ranged Strength +0 Prayer +3 Magic Damage +0%

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