All Fired Up

All Fired Up
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointKing Roald in Varrock Palace
Skill Requirements43 Firemaking
Quest RequirementsPriest in Peril
Item RequirementsTinderbox,45 logs of one kind/ woodcutting axe
Skill Recommendations25 Magic (Teleport)
Quest RecommendationsNone
Item RecommendationsVarrock Teleport or woodcutting axe


[edit] Starting Out

Firstly, decide if you are going to cut 45 normal logs near Canifis or if you are going to take 20, teleport then get another 25, make sure if you are going to do this that all 45 logs in your bank are the same. Head over to Varrock and talk to King Roald about the beacons. Head east of Varrock head past the limestone mine and to the temple of paterdomus (head as if you were going to Canifis.) From the temple go south and you will see Blaze Sharpeye.

[edit] Lighting A Beacon

Speak to him to find out how to light a beacon, you don't have to read it as its rather simple (use 20 logs of the same type on a beacon then use a tinderbox on it), and you will find out that Blaze is actually rather insane. Cut 20 logs from the surrounding area if you don't have any, then add your 20 logs to the beacon. Speak to Blaze Sharpeye again.

[edit] Testing The Network

Blaze will now want you to light the next beacon in the network. Now, either teleport back to Varrock to get out your other 25 logs, or cut another 25 logs from the surrounding area. Head west from the temple up to the Rag and Bone Man's house. When you get up there head west up the rock path to the beacon. Do as before, use 20 logs on the beacon then use a tinderbox on it. Head back to Blaze Sharpeye.

[edit] Re-lighting The Beacon

Talk to Blaze to find out that he thinks his fire isn't bright enough, so use 5 more logs on the beacon, then talk to Blaze again. He will tell you to report back to King Roald. Either teleport or walk back to Varrock and speak with King Roald to end the quest.

[edit] Rewards

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