Zogre Flesh Eaters

Zogre Flesh Eaters
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointSpeak to the Ogre, Grish, south east of Castle Wars, west of Ogre City, Gu'Tanoth
Skill Requirements
Quest RequirementsJungle Potion, Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Item Requirements
Skill RecommendationsCombat high enough to defeat a level 111 opponent
Item RecommendationsEquipment needed to defeat a level 111 opponent

[edit] Starting Out

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Rewards

  • 1 Quest Point
  • Ability to make Brutal Arrows
  • Ability to make Relicym Balm (Cure Disease potions)
  • 2,000 Range experience
  • 2,000 Fletching experience
  • 2,000 Herblore experience

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