Waterfall Quest

Waterfall Quest
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointAlmera (In A house next to Baxtorian Falls)
Skill RequirementsNone, but being able to defend against level 86 Fire Giants is useful
Quest RequirementsNone!
Item Requirements6 Air, Water and Earth Runes and a ROPE (Do not forget!)

[edit] Starting out

Talk to Almera in her riverside house NorthWest of the fishing guild. She'll tell you her son was looking for Treasure behind the house, but she hasn't heard from him. Offer to check it out. Go through the back doors and board the raft.

The raft will then crash into a rock, and your left on a patch of land. You'll see Almera's son on the side of the river, but he refuses to leave. Walk South to the narrow strip of land and use your rope with the rock South down the river. Once on the new island, use your rope with the nearby tree. Grapple down onto the ledge. Get inside the barrel and roll off the waterfall to avoid damage.

[edit] Studying your books

Go following Northwest until you reach another riverside house. Talk to Hadley about the Elf King, Glarial and hidden treasure. Once done, go upstairs and search the bookcases for A book on Baxtorian. Get readin'.

Go to East Ardougne and head Southwest until you reach the Gnome maze. (PICTURES WOULD BE NICE OF THE MAZE^^) Follow through the maze till you reach a cavern. Head into the East room and search the crates to find A key. Use it on the gate in the West room. Inside is Glarial's pebble. Take it and leave. Put weapons and armor in the bank and head for the Grave of Glarial. Northeast of Hadley's. Use the pebble on the grave, and you'll be taken into a cave entrance. Go West, and search the chest for Glarial's amulet. South of the ladder, take Glarial's Urn. Take Weapons, Armor, and food if you need it. Take the raft down the river, same procedure... And now your back at the entrance. Equip the amulet and go in. Go East and search the crates in the room for A Key. Go to the West room now, past the fire giants and use your newly obtained key with the door. Use 1 air, water, and earth runes on each pillar. (6 in total) You are now level with the Chalice of Eternity. Use Glarial's amulet on her statue, and then the Urn with the Chalice. Quest complete.

[edit] Quest Complete

  • 1 Quest Point
  • 13,750 Strength Experience
  • 13,750 Attack Experience
  • 2 Diamonds
  • 2 Gold bars

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