User:MegamanSpy Omega

MegamanSpy Omega
Requires MembershipYes
LengthWho cares?
Start PointMy mother?
Skill Requirements99 Awesome
Quest RequirementsEvery single one
Item RequirementsEvery holiday rare. Including the untradable ones.
Skill Recommendations100 Awesome.
Quest RecommendationsEvery single one and the ones that haven't been made yet.
Item Recommendations2 of every single holiday rare.


MegamanSpy Omega is awesome.

Yes he is.


  • Nothing.
  • And you'll like it.

I Am NOT Self-Centered!

Seriously, I'm not. I just pretender I was self-centered for a laugh.

I Am The Walrus

  • I am the eggman
  • They are the eggmen
  • I am the walrus
  • Koo koo ka chew

(Part of the song "I Am The Walrus" by the Beatles)



Look for me!

It's meee!

Look for me in any Wiki pictures you see! ;)