[edit] Who is Turael?

Turael is the easiest Slayer Master, giving the smallest sized tasks, and the easiest to kill monsters. He gives you a brief tuition over the skill, so have a quick word with him if you are struggling with the concepts. You can also talk to him to change your slayer task if you have a task that's NOT assigned by him, so if you think that your task is too hard and you want to change it, just talk to Turael and he'll assign you one of his incredibly easy slayer tasks.

Like all of the other Slayer Masters, he has a shop, which allows you to purchase equipment. Nearly every specialised piece of Slayer Equipment can be bought here - only Crystal Chimes cannot.

[edit] Location

Just South-East of Burthorpe is Turael's hut, a little square building on the road leading down past the Heroes Guild to Taverly. You will see the Slayer Master Icon (A little Yellow/White Skull) on the Minimap on the western side of the road, next to the Pub.

He is wearing a Grey Hood, Platebody, and Cape, as well as a Steel Halberd and Leather Boots.

[edit] How To Get There

The most obvious way of getting to any place is by walking. However, it's not always a feasible method if you have a task in far off Karamja to then walk to Turael.

  • Falador Teleport: Dropping you in the middle of Falador, in front of the White Knights Castle, south of the gate, you follow the road to the north, and when you reach Doric's Anvil, you follow the road to the West. Follow the road north when you reach a Crossroads, and then you will be in Burthorpe once you have passed the Heroes Guild.
  • Camelot Teleport: Only an option if you have completed the quest Fishing Contest, you teleport to the front of the gates to Camelot Castle. Follow this road to the south to Catherby, but instead of going to Ice Mountain, go north until you reach a set of stairs. Go down here, and follow the route to the end (heading East), and another set of Stairs. Go up these, then head north past the Heroes Guild.
  • House Teleport: Reliant on you having a Taverly House Portal (see the Construction Guide for more details), you teleport to your house, then leave the exit. You are just south of the Stairs leading to the Pass under Ice Mountain; Follow the road to the north, and you are in Burthorpe.
  • Games Necklace: By far the most common and popular method of getting to Burthorpe, the Games Necklace Teleports you to the basement of the Games Rooms in Burthorpe. Go up two flights on stairs, then exit the main lobby. Head head east, and you will see Turael's hut.
  • Combat Bracelet: More popular with experienced Slayers is the Combat Bracelet, giving a handy bonus to defensive stats (slightly better than Blue Dragonhide Vambraces), which informs the player of how many monsters they need to kill. However, because of this, it's more expensive - but is not destroyed when all charges are used up, it can be given charges again, exactly like an Amulet of Glory. Teleport to the Warriors Guild, and you will find yourself West of the town. Follow the road East, and you will find the Hut.

[edit] Known Assigned Monsters

Monster Size of Task Equipment Needed Location Slayer Level Combat Level Slayer Exp Alternate Monsters

(Combat Level)

Banshee Earmuffs Slayer Mansion 15 23 22 Mighty Banshee (90)
Bat n/a Dungeon's, Morytania n/a 6 8 Giant Bat (27)
Bear n/a East Ardougne Mine n/a 21 27 Bear Cub (15)
Black Bear (19)

Grizzly Bear Cub (33, 36)
Grizzly Bear (42)

Crawling Hand n/a Slayer Tower 5 8, 12 16, 19 Skeletal Hand (80)

Zombie Hand (90)

Dogs n/a McGrubors Wood n/a 44 49 Wild Dogs (63)
Dwarves n/a Dwarven Mine, Mining Guild n/a 7-11 10-16 Black Guard (25)
Chaos Dwarf (48)

Dwarven Gang Member (44, 49)

Ghost n/a Draynor Manor

Taverley Dungeon

n/a 19 25 Ghost (69+)

Tortured Soul (59)

Goblin n/a Lumbridge Woods,

Goblin Village,
Stronghold of Security (Level 1)

n/a 2-13 5-15 Cave Goblin (3)
Goblin Guard (42)

Cave Goblin Miner (11)
Cave Goblin Guard (24)

Ice Fiend n/a Ice Mountain,

Ice Plateau

n/a 13 15 n/a
Kalphite n/a Kalphite Lair n/a 28 40 Kalphite Soldier (83)
Kalphite Guardian (141)

Kalphite Queen (333)

Monkey n/a Karamja n/a 3 6 n/a
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