The Abyss

The Abyss
The Abyss is a different dimension in the RuneScape world which provides quicker access to the Runecrafting altars. Although this is the fastest Runecrafting technique, it is also the most dangerous one as you have to pass through the low level wilderness and get past a set of monsters in a multi-combat area.


[edit] How Do I Gain Access To The Abyss?

To start using the Abyss you must first complete a task which the Mage of Zamorak gives you who is located north of Edgeville by the river (level 5 wilderness). He asks you to first speak with him at the Chaos altar south-east of Varrock.

Abyss Varrock.PNG

Once you talk to him there, he asks you to get the Rune Essence teleport spell using a scrying orb which he gives you. He asks you to teleport to the Rune Essence mine from three different locations in order to charge the orb. The Rune Essence mine entries are found from the following list:

  • Wizard Sedridor on the lower level of the Wizard Tower South of Draynor Village.
  • Aubury in the rune shop in Varrock, just South of the East Bank.
  • Wizard Cromperty in East Ardougne, just to the Northeast of the Marketplace.
  • Wizard Distentor in the Magic Guild in Yanille.
  • The gnome Brimstail in a cave in the Tree Gnome Stronghold (North west of Ardougne).

[edit] Scrying Orb

Abyss Scrying Orb.gif

Once you have completed this task and given him back the orb, he will grant you 1,000 Runecrafting experience, a small pouch and an Abyssal Book which will help you understand how it works. Best of all, you can now use the Abyss!

[edit] How Do I Use The Abyss?

The Abyss is very quick to use compared to every other Runecrafting technique, and is fairly easy to make a trip once you get used to how it all works.

To start off, you will require the following items to make multiple runs with relative ease:

Pic Name of Item Level Needed
Abyss Glory.png Amulet of Glory (charged) N/A
Abyss Small Pouch.gif Small Pouch 1+ Runecrafting
Abyss Medium Pouch.gif Medium Pouch 25+ Runecrafting
Abyss Large Pouch.gif Large Pouch 50+ Runecrafting
Abyss Giant Pouch.gif Giant Pouch 75+ Runecrafting

The Amulet of Glory (charged) is required in order to teleport back to Edgeville bank after completing an Abyss trip for ease of use. If you want to make many Abyss trips then it is suggested that you have many Amulets of Glory (charged) in your bank. The pouches are very useful since they hold essence and allow you to craft more runes per trip.

Once you have prepared yourself, use the following path to reach the Mage of Zamorak and enter the Abyss:

Abyss Pathway.PNG

Be very careful because Revenant Ghosts wait in the low level wilderness next to the Mage of Zamorak, and will most likely attack you if you are within their combat level, so beware!

Abyss Zammy Mage.PNG

When you enter the Abyss you will be skulled and will lose your prayer points, making the trip even more dangerous. You will be teleported into the outer ring of the Abyss where the following monsters lurk in great masses and will cause lots of damage if you hang about.

[edit] Abyssal Leech (level 41)

Abyss Leech.PNG

[edit] Abyssal Guardian (level 59)

Abyss Guardian.PNG

[edit] Abyssal Walker (level 81)

Abyss Walker.PNG

These Abyss monsters drop items relating to the Runecrafting skill, varying from noted pure essence to talismans. Their more interesting drops are the binding necklaces, elemental talismans and the most useful of all the essence pouches. The pouches dropped will always start from the smallest you don't have to the largest.

The binding necklace allows you to craft combination runes without failure for a certain number of uses. The elemental talisman can be used to access the air, water, earth and fire altars.

To move from the outer ring into the inner ring, you must get past one of the following obstacles which act as a barrier between the rings. These obstacles are randomly generated and are in a different place every time you enter the Abyss, so planning a certain obstacle to pass for a certain altar to use cannot be done.

Obstacle Item Required Pic
Mining - Mine Rock Pickaxe Abyss Shortcut Mining.PNG
Woodcutting - Chop tendrils Axe Abyss Shortcut Woodcutting.PNG
Agility - Squeeze Through Gap None Abyss Shortcut Agility.PNG
Thieving - Distract Eyes None Abyss Shortcut Thieving.PNG
Firemaking - Burn down boil Tinderbox Abyss Shortcut Firemaking.PNG
Go Through Passage None Abyss Shortcut Passage.PNG

To use each passage, it is suggested that you have these levels so you do not fail them regularly.

  • Mining (60+)
  • Agility (55+)
  • Woodcutting (60+)
  • Thieving (50+)

If you have the suggested levels for one of these passages but don’t have the suggested level for the rest, try to stick with this passage for the easiest access possible to the inner ring.

Passing each skill-related blockage will give you 25 experience points in that respective skill. Once you have passed through one of these obstacles you will appear in the inner ring, where you have access to the 13 Runecrafting altars via rifts surrounding the inner ring. There is also a Dark Mage in the centre of the Abyss who keeps the place stable.

Abyss Interior.PNG

Once you walk through the rift of your choice and crafted the runes you desire, then teleport back to Edgeville bank using the Amulet of Glory, and repeat.

After you have used your pouches quite a bit, then your largest pouch will eventually degrade, which then carries less essence than it normally can.

[edit] Degraded Pouch

Abyss Degraded Pouch.PNG

To repair your pouch, talk to the Dark Mage located in the centre of the Abyss and he will fix it.

[edit] Abyss Tips

Since many Revenant Ghosts like to use mage spells to stop you entering the Abyss, such as binding spells, it is suggested that you wear the best magic defence bonus possible so these Revenant Ghosts fail to hit you. Such items used commonly include dragonhide armour, elemental shields, etc.

Try to wear items which reduce your weight so that you can run more and save your energy because the Abyss involves quite a bit of running. Such items used commonly include Spotted capes, boots of lightness, etc.

If you want to avoid getting skulled when you enter the Abyss, then use Abyssal bracelets (charged diamond bracelets) which stop you from getting skulled. Each bracelet has 5 charges and will crumble once you have used up all of these charges.

Always use pouches when possible since they greatly benefit your Runecrafting in the long run.

Abyss Nature Altar.PNG

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