Tears of Guthix (mini-game)

Tears of Guthix Mini-game
Quest requirement?Tears of Guthix
Skill Requirement?No

The Tears of Guthix Mini-game is a mini-game you can play once a week to gain experience in your lowest stat. You must have finished the quest Tears of Guthix to be able to do this mini-game, as Juna, the cave's guardian, will not let you pass otherwise.

[edit] Getting There

Make sure to bring your spiny helm, bullseye lantern(or other light source), and teleport runes for quick travel if you can use them. Head down into Lumbridge Swamp and go to the cave entrance. Climb down, go southwest, and follow the passage until you reach the giant frogs. There will be a cave in the south of this area, go through it and walk down the small hill towards Juna.

[edit] Gathering Tears

First off, talk to Juna to tell her a story and retrieve your stone bowl. Pass by Juna and begin catching your tears. The blue tears that are running down the walls are the ones you want to catch in your bowl. Each blue tear adds +1 to your points, and each green tear takes a point away. Simply click on the wall when blue tears are running down and wait until it switches away, which is fairly random. There is no set pattern to Tears of Guthix, just pure luck. Just make sure to pay attention to the tears you are currently catching, it is too easy to not notice the blue tears switching to green tears.

The amount of time you have in the tear room depends on how many quest points you have. Obviously, the more the better, as you will be able to catch many tears and boost your lowest skill by a fair margin. When your time is up, you will automatically leave the room and drink the bowl of tears. This will grant you experience in your lowest skill and you'll give the bowl back to Juna. If your lowest skill is below 30 you will gain 20 experience per tear, however, when your lowest skill reaches 30 you will gain 60 experience per tear. You have to wait another week to do it again and in that time you need to either gain at least 100,000 total experience or at least 1 quest point.

Make sure to mark your date down somewhere(try your ignore list if you want to keep it on Runescape) and don't hesitate to be back a week later, gaining easy experience.

You can also check how long you need to wait before returning by going into the quest interface and clicking on the Tears Of Guthix quest where it will tell you the time and experience/ quest points you need before entering again.

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