Taverley is quiet town located in between Catherby and Falador. In past years Taverley has been more of a Herblore town, but in recent years with the addition of the skill Summoning, players have used this town for training Summoning. This town is a members' only town separated from the all players' world by a gate and fence that runs along the border until it hits a mountain located in the Wilderness. Taverley is located in the Kingdom of Asgarnia.


[edit] Herblore

This town is a very common spot to train this skill. The very first spot that most players find themselves scrounging for herbs is the Druid's Circle. In the middle of the Druid's Circle is a Guthix Statue to charge prayer points, and along with that are 33 Druids that spawn repeatedly. When killed, each Druid drops different herbs which can then be used towards training Herblore. Here you can also find Kaqemeex who is the Master of Herblore and once a player has reached Herblore level 99, he can be spoken to for a Herblore Skillcape. Another attraction for the Herblore skill is the presence of the Herblore Store (see below for reference).

[edit] Summoning

Along with the release of this new skill, the optimal spot to not only start the skill but train it as well is Taverley. Below the building where Pikkupstix is wandering, also known as the Master of Summoning is an obelisk where Summoning pouches may be used for training. Pikkupstix also runs the Summoning Store which can be explained in further detail in the lower part of this article.

[edit] Farming

Although not one of the most popular spots to train farming, there are indeed two patches here to train Farming. One of the patches which is only available during the quest Grim Tales, is a Beanstalk Patch and is not ideally used for efficient training. Near the gate entrance to Taverley is also a Tree Patch.

[edit] Special Attractions

There are two unique spots for quests found in Taverley which can only be accessed through the two quests. In the south peninsula near the Ivy spots, the Lady of the Lake can be found after starting the quest Merlin's Crystal to obtain an Excalibur. Right beside the Ivy locations is also a Hot Air Balloon which can be accessed after completing the quest Enlightened Journey.

[edit] Shops

In Taverley, there are four accessible shops throughout the town.

[edit] Gaius's Two-Handed Shop


[edit] Jatix's Herblore Shop


[edit] Summoning Supplies


[edit] Pet Shop

One of the unique shops in Taverley is the Pet Shop. Here players can incubate eggs of many varieties, purchase dogs of many breeds, and buy food for their pets. To access this store, players must have completed the quest Wolf Whistle.


[edit] Quest Starts

The quest Druidic Ritual can be started by speaking to Kaqemeex found in the Druid's Circle.

The quest Eadgar's Ruse can be started by speaking to Sanfew located on the top floor of the Herblore Shop.

The quest Fishing Contest can be started by speaking to the Mountain Dwarf found south of the Heroes' Guild.

The quest Heroes Quest can be started by speaking to Achietties in the Heroes' Guild.

The quest Grim Tales can be started by speaking to Sylas near the Witch's House.

The quest Witch's House can be started by speaking to the Boy near the Witch's House.

The quest Wolf Whistle can be started by speaking to Pikkupstix in the Summoning Shop.

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