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[edit] Drop Logs

Seeing as not a lot of work has been done for the monster guides we may as well tackle this early. Setting out most of the guide, such as methods, locations, inventory's and equipment (possibly both high and low end) is pretty much essential, as well as common sense. When it comes too finishing the guide, i personally think all possible drops should have its own section, and bullet-pointed, and not placed into a paragraph, this was it will be clear and neat, and can easily be made into a table should we wish too do that. Thoughts? --The_Sleeping_Dragon

Well check out the crawling hand page, i don't know whether you want it like that or every item on a separate line, that would take an age for some, as would the table for each, and seeing as so few people are currently working on it i feel that it would be better not to do that. Although some of the older pages such as Blue Dragons need to be re-formatted if the set out for the Crawling Hand is what we are looking for. -- FFXmaddean

-The Crawling Hand set out seems clearer. One thing me and ACY talked about a fair bit was guide layout. We came up with a few nice ideas on how too make them best User Freindly (IE. Tables of Contents, general background, information and tips). Ideally we could take the time and effort too bullet point them (yes tables are time consuming we know XD). If you find a monster guide with drop lists as a paragraph let me know and i will convert them at some time --The_Sleeping_Dragon

Just so you know, i think every monster that has been made so far has drop lists as a paragraph, in fact, i think some of the monsters don't have a drop list at all, just a couple of the major drops, and for bullet points, would we bullet point each item seperately or in groups of items e.g. weapons, runes etc. Also i promise that soonish i will start work on some of the lower levelled monsters that i know about, unfortunately i'm not the person for writing large guides on the high levelled monsters. -- FFXmaddean

Where you mention some guides have no drop lists that was the purpose too the first piece i wrote here ^^. Cheers for flagging up the section seperation (weapon runes etc). thats a nice idea, and seperating them by section and the bullet pointing them seems nice. --The_Sleeping_Dragon