Sorceress' Garden

The Sorceress' Garden is a Members only mini-game in which you earn both XP in both Thieving and Farming. It is also a great way to obtain herbs. This mini-game requires speed and stealth, so it would be helpful to wear items with low weight and keep your energy up. Walking in this mini-game will make it much harder to complete, so try to run the entire time rather than walk.


[edit] Getting to the Garden

To reach the Sq'irk Gardens, speak to Osman in Al Kharid about the Sq'irks.

Garden Osman.png

Osman will tell you that he used to get Sq'irk Juice from the Sorceress that lives in Al Kharid. However, he and the Sorceress are no longer on speaking terms, so she will not allow him into the garden. He will ask you to find a way into the Sorceress' garden to steal some Sq'irk Fruits and make Sq'irk Juice for him. Head south towards the Sorceress' house near the Shantay Pass.

Garden Apprentice.png

The Sorceress' Apprentice will be cleaning up in the lower floor of the house. To gain entry into the garden, you will need to convince her to let you in by teleporting you there. Say nice things to her and she will eventual allow you into the garden.

Garden Apprentice Speak.png

[edit] The Gardens

Garden Fountain.png

Upon entering the gardens, you will see a fountain. The water from this fountain, when drank will return you back to the Apprentice. In each direction of the fountain is a garden based on a season (winter, spring, autumn, summer). The gardens are like short hedge mazes. Each garden has different Thieving Lvl requirements and some are more challenging than others.

[edit] Seasonal Elementals

Garden Elementals.PNG

Each garden is guarded by a different type of Seasonal Elemental. You must do your best to avoid them while in the gardens or else they will teleport you out of the garden and you will have to restart from the beginning of the garden.

Garden Teleport.png

[edit] Winter Garden

Garden Winter.png

The Winter Garden is the snowy maze. This garden only requires a Thieving lvl of 1 to enter, so anyone can go to this one. It is guarded by Winter Elementals, so you will have to avoid them to reach either the Sq'irk Tree or Herb Patches. This is the easiest maze to complete of the four.

[edit] Spring Garden

Garden Spring.png

The second garden is the Spring Garden. It has more of a grassy look to it. This garden requires lvl 25 Thieving to enter. Guarded by Spring Elementals, you will have to sneak around them to complete this maze. Despite that this is only the second garden, it is one of the more challenging ones.

[edit] Autumn Garden

Garden Autumn.png

The Autumn Garden is a maze filled with dried up hedges. This garden requires lvl 45 Thieving to gain entry to and is guarded by Autumn Elementals. Like the Spring Garden, this is also one of the more challenging mazes to get through.

[edit] Summer Garden

Garden Summer.png

The Summer Garden is the final garden, you can find it by looking for the garden that has live hedges with blossoming flowers on them. Although this requires the highest Thieving lvl of all the gardens at lvl 65, it is a fairly easy maze to complete. This maze, however, can be harder to complete if you do not run, as the Summer Elementals can catch someone walking easily.

[edit] Sq'irk Fruits and Herbs

Garden Sqirk Tree.png

At the end of each maze is the Sq'irk Tree, each bearing the Sq'irk Fruit of a different season depending on the garden you are in. The Sq'irk Fruits found in these gardens can be used to make Sq'irk Juice, which can either be used to temporarily raise your Thieving lvl, or can be traded to Osman for some Thieving XP.

Garden Herb Patch.png

Also, each garden has an herb patch in it. If you decide to pick the herbs rather than the Sq'irk Fruit, you will receive two herbs. The two herbs can be from an herb as low as a Guam Leaf to many of the higher herbs like Dwarf Weed. Right after picking either a Sq'irk Tree or herb patch, you will be teleported out of that garden and back to where the fountain is.

[edit] Rewards

Garden Sqirk Fruit.png

The Sq'irk Fruits and Herbs are the rewards from this mini-game, along with some Farming and Thieving XP.

Garden Pestle.PNG

Using your Pestle and Mortar on a Sq'irk Fruit will allow you to make Sq'irk Juice as long as you have an empty Beer Glass in your inventory. If you need a Beer Glass, you can find some on the shelves in the room the Apprentice is cleaning.

Garden Sqirk Juice.png

Making Sq'irk Juice requires a different amount of Sq'irk Fruits depending on which type of fruit they are. Each kind of Sq'irk Juice also gives a different reward. A Winter Sq'irk Juice requires 5 Winter Sq'irk Fruits to make, a Spring Sq'irk Juice requires 4 Spring Sq'irk Fruits to make, an Autumn Sq'irk Juice requires 3 Autumn Sq'irk Fruits to make, and finally, a Summer Sq'irk Juice requires 2 Summer Sq'irk Fruits to make.

Each Sq'irk Juice, if you drink it, will give you a small energy bonus and temporarily raise your Thieving lvl. Winter Sq'irk Juice will restore 5% run energy, Spring Sq'irk Juice raises Thieving by 1 and restores 10% energy, Autumn Sq'irk Juice raises Thieving by 2 and restores 15% run energy, and Summer Sq'irk Juice raises Thieving by 3 and restores 20% of your energy.

Of course, trading the juice to Osman is much more worthwhile though. For each drink, he will reward you with:

  • Winter Sq'irk Juice - 350 Thieving XP
  • Spring Sq'irk Juice - 1350 Thieving XP
  • Autumn Sq'irk Juice - 2350 Thieving XP
  • Summer Sq'irk Juice - 3000 Thieving XP

Also, the Farming XP rewards for picking the fruits and herbs are:

  • Winter Sq'irk Fruit - 30 Farming XP
  • Spring Sq'irk Fruit - 40 Farming XP
  • Autumn Sq'irk Fruit - 50 Farming XP
  • Summer Sq'irk Fruit - 60 Farming XP
  • Herbs - 50 Farming XP
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