Sheep Herder

Sheep Herder
Councillor Halgrive
Councillor Halgrive
Requires Membershipyes
Start PointSpeak to Councillor Halgrive in East Ardougne.
Skill RequirementsNone
Quest RequirementsNone
Item RequirementsNone
Item RecommendationsSpotted/Spottier Cape, Boots of Lightness, energy potions, extra 100 coins

Some plague infected sheep have escaped into East Ardougne. They must be found and disposed off before the whole town is infected, time is of the essence.

[edit] Part 1: The Plague

Items Needed: 100 coins

To begin, speak to Councilor Halgrive who can be found south of the church in Ardougne. He will start to tell you about how Western Ardougne has been infected by a plague and the members working on it at the moment have been able to stop it for the most part, but there are four sheep infected with the plague that they have not stopped yet. He continues to state that if the four sheep are not killed immediately, all of Ardougne will become infected. Agree to help the poor chap, which then you will have to dispose of the four sheep yourself. He'll give you a can of poison food which you will use to do the actual killing of the sheep.

Now to get the sheep anti-infect suit. Go just north of where you are now to the church to find Doctor Orbon. He's a cheapskate for heaven's sake and he'll only give you the suit in exchange for 100 coins. Pay the man, receive your suit and make sure you are wearing both the jacket and the trousers. Go north of Ardougne and enter the gate to the west of you when you have exited Ardougne. Keep in mind if you do not have both the jacket and trousers on, you will not be able to enter the gate. When you are on the inside of the fenced in area, talk to Farmer Brunty and pick up the prod that is inside the building. Once you equip the prod, you can begin to herd the sheep.

[edit] Part 2: You're a Herder!

Items Needed: Protective Suit, Prod, Poison Feed

1. Diseased Sheep (1) Make sure that when you right click on the sheep, it names the sheep as "Sick-looking sheep (1)". You can only prod the sheep in numerical order, so you must make sure the first sheep you are prodding is labeled as number one. Head south of the sheep enclosure and be simply clicking on the sheep, you will make the sheep move a few spaces in front of you. The key here is to make sure you are positioned behind the sheep, then click to make the sheep move a few spaces forward in the direction of the enclosure's gate. Once the sheep is close enough to the gate, it should jump the fence. Immediately enter the gate and feed the sheep the poisoned feed, it should then collapse and die leaving infected bones. Take the bones and burn them in the furnace to diminish any trace of that sheep. You have now extinguished the first infected sheep and can move on to sheep number two.

2. Diseased Sheep (2) Located east of the enclosure. Use the same procedure to kill Sheep (2). Make sure you are burning the bones after or the sheep won't be considered "dead".

3. Diseased Sheep (3) Located north-west of the enclosure, very near the Warrior Women. Use the same procedure as listed above.

4. Diseased Sheep (4) Located north-east near the Fishing Guild. Use the same procedure as listed above.


Once you have killed all four sheep successfully, return to Councilor Halgrive who will give back your 100 coins and an extra 3,000 for your troubles.


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