Seers Village

Seers Village is a rather central location in members worlds, and only available to members. Due to the abundance of trees available, it is known as the woodcutting capital of Runescape.

[edit] Location

Seers Village is located northeast of Ardougne, northwest of Catherby, and south of Relekka. There are numerous ways to reach Seers, most easily by Camelot Teleport, a spell available at 45 Magic. Following the path northwest from Catherby will get you there, as well as following the path northeast from Ardougne.

[edit] Points of Interest

Bank - Seers' Village bank is a popular bank in Runescape, used often for general trade, but mostly for trading logs/fletching supplies. It's located in the eastern part of Seers', bordering the path leading up to Relekka.

Coal Trucks - Northwest of Seers' there is a large field of coal with carts that bring your coal down for you, called coal trucks. Just northwest of the bank is the pickup spot for coal trucks, making it an easy way to mine coal without banking every trip.

Trees - Just north of the bank is a grove of maple trees, and a bit northwest of that are some willow trees. These are ideal spots for training your woodcutting, seeing as how close it is to a bank. A bit directly south of Seers there are more maples, as well as three yew trees. Head even further south and you'll find magic trees, making Seers' the best spot for cutting any wood.

Flax Field - Directly south of the bank again, there is a field of flax which can be strung into bowstring. It is a short distance from Seers' bank, making it an ideal spot for picking flax.

Seers' Village is also home to a few quests, including both Elemental Workshop quests.

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