Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet
Requires MembershipNo
Start PointTalk to Juliet (Big house west of Varrock's west Bank) or Romeo (Varrock Town centre)
Skill RequirementsNone
Quest RequirementsNone
Item RequirementsCadava Berries

[edit] Starting Out

Talk to Juliet in the house west of Varrock, she is located on the second floor on the balcony or you can talk to Romeo in Varrock square centre, talking to Romeo or Juliet doesn’t effect the quest outcome.

[edit] Instructions

  1. Romeo/Juliet will give you a love letter to be delivered to the opposing sex, if you started the quest by talking to Romeo deliver it to Juliet, if you started the quest by talking to Juliet deliver it to Romeo.
  2. Give the letter to either Romeo/Juliet. When the letter is delivered they will ask you to go and speak to Father Lawrence. He can be found in the church in northeastern Varrock
  3. When you speak to Father Lawrence he will be busy and reluctant to talk to you, keep being persistent and he will eventually talk to you
  4. Explain the situation between Romeo and Juliet and he will ask you to make a potion, the only ingredient for this potion is Cadava Berries.
  5. You can get Cadava Berries by either buying them from another player or picking them up south-east of varrock by the mining pits. They are a purple colour and they are scattered around.
  6. Take the Cadava Berries to the apothecary in Varrock, the apothecary is located in the southwestern part of the town and the symbol to represent him is a purple coloured potion. When you give the Cadava Berries to him he will give you a Cadava potion
  7. Take the potion to Juliet and she will drink it
  8. Go and speak to Romeo in the middle of Varrock square, tell him of the plan. Romeo eventually marries Juliet’s cousin

[edit] Reward

5 Quest Points

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