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"Revenants are vile spirits bound to the land of the Wilderness following their violent deaths during the God Wars. They can never be truly slain, merely banished temporarily before they continue their enraged wandering. They behave like no other monster on Runescape, and are able to perform a number of surprising tricks." -- Quote from Runescape

BEWARE: Revenants are more dangerous than to be expected from their combat level. They can use all three forms of offense, melee, range and magic. They also have the ability to freeze and teleblock you. They can also heal themselves and recover from poison. They can also attack you whilst you are fighting another monster in a single-way combat zone. They also sometimes hunt in packs.

[edit] How to Avoid Revanants

Having a good knowledge of revenants is key to avoiding them. Revenants use all 3 corners of the combat triangle (Melee, mage, and range) and can hit very well on all 3 of them. For example, a revenant dragon can hit 40+ with melee! Revenants are like metal dragons, if you are at a distance from them, they will always use range and mage. If you're just running away from them, you can use it as your advantage. The mage attacks teleblock you and the range attacks freeze you. That's why the best defence is dragonhide, forinthry brace (Hell, the brace is SOOOOO useful for staying alive), and protect from range prayer. The revenants won't touch you.

However, it would all be better if you don't even see revenants in the first place! Each revenant has a "patrol route" and they will follow it no matter what. If they see a player, they will attack them but if the players goes way too far off the "route", the revenant will just teleport away. Many of the revenant's path cross each other and these places in the wilderness is VERY DANGEROUS:

Higher leveled revenants tend to cross:

Places where every revenants are found:

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