Ranging Guild

Ranging Guild
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Overview of Ranging Guild
Quest Requirement?No
Skill Requirements?Level 40 Ranged

The Ranging Guild is located in Hemenster, southwest from Seers Village and northeast from Ardougne. Players must have level 40 Ranged to enter the guild, although a dose of Ranging Potion can be used to enter the guild a few levels early. There are a few attractions inside the guild, although the biggest draw is for the Ranged Cape of Achievement. If you have 99 Ranged, you can purchase the Cape of Achievement from the Armor Salesman inside the guild.


[edit] Mini-games

The other big attraction inside the Ranged Guild are two mini-games in which you can gain both Ranged experience and tickets for rewards later on, when you've amassed a decent amount of them.

[edit] Shooting Targets

The first mini-game involves shooting a handful of targets from far away, receiving points for each hit. It costs 200 coins to play this mini-game, and you only get ten shots. For each miss you receive no points, but for each bullseye you receive 100 points. There are four other colors, black(worth 10), blue(worth 20), red(worth 30), and yellow(worth 50). The amount of tickets you'll receive for finishing this minigame is dependent upon your score. Take whatever score you get and divide it by ten, and the remainder is how many tickets you'll be awarded for finishing the mini-game. The maximum amount of tickets you can get per game is 100, meaning you hit the bullseye every time.
Can you hit the bullseye?

[edit] Defending the Tower

The second minigame involves defending a tower from other Rangers who are perched on all four sides(north, east, south, and west). There are three rangers on each tower, ranging from level 19 on the south tower, going all the way to level 64 on the western tower. A longbow must be used in this mini-game, as a shortbow does not have the range necessary to reach the other towers. However, any type of longbow will work. Keep in mind, these rangers will be fighting back, so bring food and be careful. Also, you cannot climb the other towers to collect your arrows, meaning you should bring bronze/iron/steel, depending on how much you feel like spending. On a plus note though, you can collect the arrows that the other Rangers shoot at you, be it irons from the southern rangers, steel from the east, mithril from the north, or adamantite from the west.
Fighting Enemy Rangers

[edit] Rewards

Once you've received a couple hundred or a couple thousand tickets from the mini-games, you can exchange them at the ticket shop to receive your rewards.

Ranging Treasures Await You
30 Barbed Bolt Tips 140 Tickets
Studded Body 150 Tickets
50 Rune Arrows 1.020 Tickets
Green D'hide Body 2,400 Tickets
20 Adamant Javelins 2,000 Tickets

[edit] Stores in the Guild

There are a few stores in the Ranging Guild offering ranging and even fletching supplies for all aspiring Masters of Range. Dargaud sells arrow shafts, arrows, and arrow heads up to rune. You can buy the arrow shafts and heads from him, and assuming you have the correct fletching level, buy some feathers and make your own arrows to train Ranged with. Along with arrows and arrow materials, Dargaud sells shortbows and longbows up to Willow. The Tribal Salesman sells both javelins and thrownaxes all the way up to runite.

The Armor Salesman, aptly named because of his habit of selling Ranged armor, specializes in low-level Ranged gear. He sells both sets of normal and studded leather, made up of body, legs, vambs, and either a cowl or a coif(requires 20 ranged). Along with the armor he sells, he is the Master of Ranged, and can sell you a Cape of Achievement if you have 99 Ranged. This does cost 99k however, so don't leave your money in the bank.
The Master of Range

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