[edit] Ranged

Range is a very useful skill in the world of Runescape. Although you must use arrows, it gives you the ability to fire upon an opponent from a distance giving you an advantage if they do not also have a ranged combat method. Magic, the other combat skill that allows you to fire from a distance is very similar to range. However whilst magic requires runes, ranged requires a shooting implement and/ or a type of ammunition.

As your ranged level increases your resistance to range increases too, so even if you are not planning to use it as a combat method, it is a good idea to train the skill if you plan on going into combat with a monster or player that uses the ranged combat method.

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Bows

Bows are the most basic type of ranged weapon, their speed is about medium, their ammunition is arrows. There are two types of Bow, Shortbow and Longbow, both are two handed, meaning you can't wield a shield at the same time.

Bow Ranged Bonus Level Arrows
Longbow +8 1 Bronze - Iron
Shortbow +8 1 Bronze - Iron
Oak Longbow +14 5 Bronze - Steel
Oak Shortbow +14 5 Bronze - Steel
Willow Longbow +20 20 Bronze - Mithril
Willow Shortbow +20 20 Bronze - Mithril
Maple Longbow +29 30 Bronze - Adamant
Maple Shortbow +29 30 Bronze - Adamant
Yew Longbow(m) +47 40 Bronze - Rune
Yew Shortbow(m) +47 40 Bronze - Rune
Magic Longbow(m) +69 50 Bronze - Rune
Magic Shortbow(m) +69 50 Bronze - Rune
Dark bow(m) +95 60 Bronze - Dragon
Crystal bow(m) +100 70 None

[edit] Cross-Bows

Cross-Bows are one of the most common alternatives to normal bows. They hit harder than normal bows but they are slower. They fire bolts. One advantage to Cross-Bows is that they only require one hand so you can wear a shield at the same time.

Cross-Bow Ranged Bonus Level Bolts
Crossbow +6 1 Bronze
Bronze Crossbow (m) +18 1 Bronze
Iron Crossbow (m) +42 26 Bronze - Iron
Steel Crossbow (m) +54 31 Bronze - Steel
Black Crossbow (m) +60 33 Bronze - Black
Mithril Crossbow (m) +66 36 Bronze - Mithril
Adamant Crossbow (m) +78 46 Bronze - Adamant
Runite Crossbow (m) +90 61 Bronze - Runite

[edit] Javelins

Javelins are a less common form of ranged, they are a rare drop from monsters and can be bought at the ranged guild. They are one handed and stackable.

Javelin Ranged Bonus Level
Bronze Javelin +5 1
Iron Javelin +8 1
Steel Javelin +12 5
Mithril Javelin +17 20
Adamant Javelin +24 30
Rune Javelin +38 40

[edit] Darts

Darts are used a lot in ranged because of their speed and they still hit high. They are also usually very cheap, so they are good for fast training.

Dart Ranged Bonus Level
Bronze Dart +3 1
Iron Dart +4 1
Steel Dart +5 5
Black Dart +7 10
Mithril Dart +8 20
Adamant Dart +11 30
Rune Dart +15 40
Dragon Dart +18 60

[edit] Knives

[edit] Throwing Axes

[edit] Cannon

[edit] Chinchompas

[edit] Salamanders

[edit] Special Weapons

[edit] Ammunition

There are 7 kinds of ammunition for the ranged skill. They are: arrows, brutal arrows, darts, knives, thrown-axes, bolts, and javelins. Javelins, thrown-axes, and knives vary from bronze to rune whilst arrows and darts go from bronze to dragon.

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[edit] Ranged Armour

There are many options to choose from when deciding what to wear whilst using the ranged skill. They vary from the low-leveled ranger's leather armour all the way to the powerful Karil's armour.

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[edit] Training tips

Free world's: Level 1 - Level 10 Due to the fact that you will seldom hit higher than 3 at these levels, training on chickens is probably the best option. They have a very low defence overall and they rarely hit so food is not required.

Level 10 - 30

Training at the barbarians in the beerhouse (?) in barbarian village is effective now. Due to the fact that there are tables in the room, you can use these as a "wall" to block them from attacking you.

Members world's: Level:60-80 A good place to train is at the bar in Morytania, You can attack men which turn into werewolves(level 80-85). A good way to shield yourself is to hide behind tables and get them trapped in chairs or hide behind the bar. Be careful though as you may accidentally forget to run behind cover, and as werewolves are high levels they may be able to dish out considerable damage to low levels. You will need to complete a quest to gain access to this area.

Another option is to train at Blue Dragons in Members Dungeon, using a safespot, although taking an anti fire shield is still advisable in case you get attacked, you can get some good loot from them including dragon bones, dragon hide and clue scrolls.

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