Random Events


[edit] What are Random Events?

Occasionally in RuneScape, you will come across a Random Event. These can occur nearly anywhere at anytime. Some random events are dangerous and some may attack you, while others may be helpful to you. Random Events can be as simple as talking to them or battling them, or they can be more challenging like having to perform certain tasks. Do not ignore Random Events, many of them will teleport you away, attack you, or do something else unfortunate to you.

[edit] Types of Random Events

There are many types of Random Events, helpful ones, challenging ones, battle events, and more. Most of the events will benefit you, however there are still many that can be an inconvenience towards you.

[edit] Gift Events

[edit] Drunken Dwarf

The Drunken Dwarf is a common event that can appear anywhere. When he appears, speak to him and he will give you a Kebab and Beer. If you ignore him, he will attack you and you cannot retaliate, so you will have to run away or try speaking to him quickly.

[edit] Certers

The three certers, Niles, Miles, and Giles, will give you a random item, usually coins, gems, or a spinach roll. If you ignore them, they will convert every item in your inventory into bank notes and sometimes teleport you away.

[edit] Genie

The Genie will randomly appear to grant you a wish. Speak to him and he will give you a Magic Lamp. When you rub the Magic Lamp, you can choose to give XP to a skill of your choice. The XP you receive will be equal to your level in that skill multiplied by 10. Ignoring the Genie will result in him teleporting you away.

[edit] Frogs

Random Frog.png

When 5 frogs appear to you, speak to the frog that wears the crown, it will be the frog prince/princess. They will ask you to remove a curse from them by kissing them so that they can become human again. If you kiss them, you will be rewarded with a Frog Token which you can take to Thessalia in Varrock. Thessalia will trade you either a Frog Mask or Prince/Princess Outfit for the Frog Token. If you ignore this Random Event, you will be turned into a frog and teleported to Frogland. To return back to normal and to where you were, you will have to apologize to the frog prince/princess. In frogland you can also acsess a new peice of music

[edit] Rick Turpentine

Rick Turpentine the highwayman is also another common random event. Speak to him to get a random item, usually coins, gems, or a spinach roll. The rare time he might even give you a Crystal Key Half. If you ignore him, he will attack you and you must speak to him quickly or run away from him.

[edit] Cap'n Hand

Cap'n Hand the pirate is yet another speak to or be attacked Random Event. If you speak to him, he will give you and item, usually coins or gems. Ignoring him will result in being attacked.

[edit] Jekyll/Hyde (Members Only Event)

Sometimes you may get a visit from Dr. Jekyll, who is in need of an herb so that he can make a potion to stop him from "changing". If you give him the herb, he will reward you with a potion. If you speak to him but do not have the herb he needs, he will give you a Strength Potion (2) and run away. If you ignore him, he will transform into Mr. Hyde, in which he will then attack you. You can fight back against this Random Event, and his level will depend on your combat level.

[edit] Security Guard

If a Security Guard appears, you will have the option to either speak to him or attack him. If you speak to him, he will give you a book about security (which tells you ways to keep your account safe) and another item, usually coins or a gem. If you choose to kill him, however, you will only get bones when he dies.

[edit] Strange Plant

Random Strange Plant.png

If a Strange Plant begins to grow beside you, you can pick it's fruit. The Strange Fruit it gives, when eaten, will restore 30% run energy. If you ignore the plant, it will become angry and attack you. You can attack it as well, but neither you nor the plant will hit above 3 on each other. The Strange Plant's attacks are also poisonous. The poison does 3 damage.

[edit] Guardian/Battle Events

These events will attack you right once they appear. Their levels depend on your combat level, however their's will always be higher. You can either try to kill these Random Events, or you can run away from them.

[edit] Evil Chicken

Random Evil Chicken.png

When the Evil Chicken appears, it will shoot magic-based attacks at you. This event can appear anywhere, at any time. Killing it will give you bones, raw chicken, and some feathers (usually between 70 and 130 feathers).

[edit] Golem

The Golem will randomly appear while you are training the Mining Skill. It's attacks are fairly slow, however they are also fairly powerful. They will use melee attacks on you and if you are distant from them, they will use a ranged attack on you. If you kill it, you will usually get some Ores or a Pickaxe (bronze to rune).

[edit] River Troll

Random River Troll.png

Sometimes when Fishing, a River Troll will attack you. They used melee attacks and killing them will usually give you some fish or fishing equipment.

[edit] Shade

Random Shade.png

Sometimes when burying bones, a Shade will appear. These will attack you right away. Defeating them can sometimes result in getting a Shade Robe Top or Shade Robe Bottom from them.

[edit] Zombie

Random Zombie.png

Like Shades, Zombies will appear to attack you when you bury bones. Kill them and they will drop either different kinds of bones or fishing bait.

[edit] Tree Spirit

Random Tree Spirit.gif

A Tree Spirit will appear to attack you when you are Woodcutting. If you kill them, they will usually drop seeds, nature runes, or a woodcutting axe (bronze to rune). If you even attempt at cutting an Ancient Tree, a Tree Spirit will attack you so that you can never get logs from the tree.

[edit] Other Dangerous Events

[edit] Ent

Random Ent.png

Sometimes when Woodcutting, a tree will start shaking and have an evil face on it. Do not attempt to cut trees when they are like this or they will break your axe. If your axe breaks, you will have to get Bob in Lumbridge to repair it.

[edit] Exploding Rocks

If you attempt to mine a rock and smoke begins to billow out of it, do not continue mining it. If you continue mining it, the rock will explode and damage you. It will also break your pickaxe and to get it repaired, you will have to visit Nurmof in the Dwarven Mines.

[edit] Whirlpools

Random Whirlpool.png

If you are fishing and a whirlpool appears in front of you, move away from that fishing spot immediately. If you continue to fish there, the whirlpool will suck you fishing equipment into the water.

[edit] Swarms

Random Swarm.png

Swarms of insects randomly appear and will attack you. You cannot attack these insects, so you must run away from them until they disappear.

[edit] Poison Gas (Members Only Event)

Sometimes if you try to steal from a chest without picking the lock, some poisonous gas will shoot out from it. The poison will slowly drain your health, so you must cure it or wait until the poison runs out. The damage the poison does is different depending on the chest.

[edit] More Challenging Events

[edit] Evil Bob's Island

Random Evil Bob.PNG

When training Fishing or Magic, you might encounter Evil Bob. If Evil Bob the cat appears, he may take you to his island. Speak to one of the humans on the island and they will tell you that Evil Bob likes a certain fish that is on a certain side of the island. Grab a small fishing net and go to that side of the island. Try to fish there and you will eventually get a fish that is cooked. Use the fish on the Uncooking Pot near Evil Bob and you will uncook the fish. Once you have the uncooked fish, feed it to Evil Bob and he will fall asleep. You can then return to where you were by going through the portal behind Evil Bob. Your reward will be either 650 Fishing XP or 650 Magic XP, depending on which skill you were training when you were teleported to the island.

[edit] Prison Pete

If Evil Bob does not take you to his island, he will take you to prison. Speak with Prison Pete and he will tell you to collect the keys from the Balloon Animals so that you can escape. Pull the lever beside him and it will show you a Balloon Animal. Pop that Balloon Animal to get a key. Take the key to Prison Pete to unlock a door. Do this three times to unlock all three doors. Once all three doors are unlocked, exit the prison by walking down the hallway and you will return to where you were. Prison Pete will then give you a random item reward, usually coins, herbs, or runes.

[edit] Sergeant Damian

Random Drill Demon.png

The Drill Demon, Sergeant Damian, will take you to his training camp. He will then tell you to do either push-ups, sit-ups, star jumps, or running on the spot. Do everything he tells you to and he will take you back to where you were. He will then reward you with a Camo Hat, Camo Top, or Camo Trousers. If you have all three items already, he will give you 500 coins instead.

[edit] Freaky Forester

Random Freaky Forester.png

Freaky Forester will teleport you into the centre of a forest. He will then ask you to kill a pheasant with either one, two, three, or four tails. Kill that pheasant and give him the raw pheasant meat. He will then let you leave through the portal and you will receive a Lederhosen Hat, Lederhosen Top, or Lederhosen Trousers. If you have all three items already, you will receive 500 coins.

[edit] Cap'n Arnav (Members Only Event)

Sometimes when Farming, Cap'n Arnav will appear and tell you he buried a treasure chest in your farming patch. He will then ask you to unlock the chest. Match the item symbols with the names of the items to unlock the chest. Once you open the chest for Cap'n Arnav, he will give you a reward, usually coins or gems.

[edit] Beekeeper (Members Only Event)

This random event only appears when you are picking Flax. If a Beekeeper appears and teleports you to his beehive nests, he will ask you to repair a beehive that is in four parts. Select each piece of the beehive and move it to it's correct spot. Once you have every piece in the right spot, hit the switch to assemble them. If you did it correctly, you will receive Flax as a reward, but if you did it incorrectly, bees will chase you away and you will appear somewhere as if you were teleported away.

[edit] Grab the Evil Twin

Molly may appear and teleport you into a room with a large crane. She will ask you to catch her evil, identical twin with the crane. Using the control panel, move the claw of the crane left, right, up, or down. Once you have the claw over the evil twin, click on the button on the control panel to lower the claw. The control panel will appear where your inventory is and you only have 2 chances to catch Molly's evil twin. If you successfully catch the evil twin, Molly will reward you with some noted gems.

[edit] Leo

Random Leo.png

Sometimes when you bury bones, Leo the Gravedigger will appear and take you to his graveyard. He will tell you that he put the coffins in the wrong graves and he will ask you to put them in the right spot. Pick up all 5 coffins and click on them to look at what is inside them. Then look at the gravestone in front of the grave. Each grave has a different symbol on it, showing that the deceased person that is to be there is either a Chef, Farmer, Potter, Woodcutter, or Miner. Check each coffin for clues to what grave they go to. The chef's will have a chef hat in the coffin, the farmer will have seeds in it, the potter will have a pot in it, the woodcutter will have an axe in it, and the miner will have a pickaxe in his. Once you have all the coffins in the right place, Leo will reward you with Zombie Gloves, Zombie Boots, Zombie Trousers, a Zombie Mask, a Zombie Shirt, the Zombie Dance emote, or the Zombie Walk emote. If you already have all these rewards, you will receive 500 coins instead. During this event, you can also deposit your items in the bank through the Mausoleum if you wish.

[edit] Sandwich Lady

When the Sandwich Lady appears to you, she will offer you a piece of food. Take the food the offers you, if you choose the incorrect food or ignore her, she will teleport you away.

[edit] Pillory (Members Only Event)

If you are Thieving, a security guard might teleport you into a cage. You must pick the lock in the cage to return to where you were. Pick the lock by matching the shape on the lockpick with the shape on the cage.


[edit] Pious Pete

Pious Pete will teleport you to his church to help him light some candles. To light the candles, move the taper by clicking on the arrows and click the "light" button to light the candles. Once you have the candles lit, Pious Pete will return you to where you were and reward you.

[edit] Inconveniences

[edit] Abyssal Space

Sometimes when you teleport, you will appear in a small abyssal area with four switches. One switch is different from the other three, choose that to teleport out of the abyssal space and get some runes. If you choose the wrong switch, you will take some damage and have to choose another switch.

[edit] Big Fish

If you are fishing, a large fish may appear in the water. It will grab your fishing equipment and throw it a few spaces away. If this happens to you, pick up your equipment and then continue fishing.

[edit] Pickaxe Head

When you try to mine a rock, the head of your pickaxe might fly off. You will have to pick it up and use it with your pickaxe handle to fix it.

[edit] Rake/Spade Head

When farming, sometimes the head of your rake or spade will fly off. Like with the pickaxe, you must pick up the rake/spade head and re-attach it to the handle.

[edit] Mysterious Old Man Events

Mysterious Old Man events are probably the most common event, as he has many different events or tasks for you. However, some events are more rare to come by than others.

[edit] Speak to...

If the Mysterious Old Man appears to you and stands there wishing to speak to you, speak to him and he will give you a reward such as coins, a gem, or even a crystal key half. Do not ignore him though, as he will most likely teleport you away.

[edit] Strange Box

If the Mysterious Old Man appears and gives you a Strange Box, you will have to open it by saying which number and shape on the box matches. Once you open it, you will be rewarded, usually with coins or a gem. If you do not open it or answer it incorrectly, the box will multiply, if you have inventory space, it will multiply and take up space, if not, they multiple boxes will stack, and you will have to solve more boxes to get your reward.

[edit] Maze

The Mysterious Old Man might teleport you into a maze. You will have to go around the maze and make your way to the centre. There are many cage doors you can go through to reach the centre of the maze, and usually when you are going the wrong way, clicking on the wrong door will say "I don't think this is the right way". In the maze are also chests which you can open to get items like potions and runes. Once you reach the centre of the maze, touch the spinning artifact to leave the maze and get your reward. The faster you finish the maze, the bigger your reward will be. Rewards are often many ores, feathers, arrows, and coins.

[edit] Mime

Random Mime.png

You might get teleported to a stage with a Mime. The Mime will perform some emotes, which you will then have to copy. If you copy most of them correctly, you will be rewarded with a Mime Mask, Mime Top, Mime Pants, Mime Gloves, or Mime Boots. If you do not receive any of these rewards, then you will learn a mime emote, either the Glass Wall, Glass Box, Lean, or Climb Rope emotes. If you have all of these rewards already, you will receive 500 coins.

[edit] Quiz Master

If you get teleported to the Quiz Master's gameshow, he will make you play Odd One Out. Simply choose the item that doesn't fit in with the other item 4 times and you will receive a reward. Your reward is your choice, either 1000 coins or a Mystery Box. If you choose the Mystery Box, you can open it to get an item, which can be slightly more valuable than 1000 coins, but it may also turn out to be something as worthless as an onion or bucket.

[edit] Pinball

This event will teleport you inside a Pinball Machine. To complete this event, you must tag the pole that glows 10 times. Each time you tag a pole, the glowing pole will switch. Once you have tagged all 10 poles, you can exit through the cave behind the two trolls. Completing this event will earn you some noted gems as a reward. If you happen to tag the wrong pole during this event, your score will reset to zero and you will have to tag another 10 poles.


[edit] Surprise Exam

The Mysterious Old Man might teleport you to the classroom of Mr. Mordaut, a teacher who also happens to be a red dragon. Mr. Mordaut will ask you to answer 3 questions based on patterns. One type of question is the "What comes Next?" question. For this question, you must look at 3 items that are similar in some way and answer with one of the four items at the bottom of the screen that relates to that pattern. The second type of question is the "Cryptic Hint" question. You will be given a hint and you must choose the three items that relate to it. Once you answer three questions, he will tell you to leave through one of the doors. You can only leave through the door that he tells you to leave through. Your reward for this event will be a Book of Knowledge, which, when read, will give you XP to the skill of your choice. The XP you receive as a reward will also depend on the level you are in that skill.

Surprise exam.png

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