Quests are mini-adventures that you are sent on by various NPCs throughout RuneScape. Varying from simple fetch-and-return requests, to perilous encounters that delve deep into RuneScape's history and lore, Quests help to develop the in-game world and provide many on-going storylines to keep players engaged.

You are rewarded for your efforts in completing a quest, with harder and longer quests giving more valuable rewards. Experience points in any of your Skills, special quest items and access to new areas of the world are the most common reward, but there are also additional spellbooks to unlock, and some skills (including Herblore, Runecrafting and Summoning) require the completion of a quest before you can begin training them.

If you complete all of the quests currently available, you can purchase a Quest Point Cape of Achievement from the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village for 99k coins. You will be able to wear this cape, and perform its unique emote, until Jagex release a new quest. If worn when the update occurs, the Quest Cape will remove itself from your back and into your Inventory, or into your Bank if your Inventory is full. If both your bank and inventory are full then you can get your cape back by visiting the wise old man in draynor village and he will give you your cape back free of charge.

[edit] Free Quests

Name Length Difficulty Quest Point Reward
Black Knight's Fortress Medium Novice 3
Cook's Assistant Short Novice 1
Demon Slayer Medium Novice 3
Doric's Quest Short Novice 1
Dragon Slayer Long Experienced 2
Ernest the Chicken Medium Novice 4
Goblin Diplomacy Short Novice 5
Imp Catcher Medium Novice 1
The Knight's Sword Medium Intermediate 1
Pirate's Treasure Short Novice 2
Prince Ali Rescue Medium Novice 3
The Restless Ghost Short Novice 1
Romeo and Juliet Short Novice 5
Rune Mysteries Short Novice 1
Sheep Shearer Short Novice 1
Shield of Arrav Medium Novice 1
Swept Away Medium Novice N/A
Vampire Slayer Short Novice 3
Witch's Potion Short Novice 1

[edit] Members Quests

Name Length Difficulty Quest Point Reward
All Fired Up Short Intermediate 1
Animal Magnetism Short Intermediate 1
Another Slice of H.A.M. Medium Intermediate 1
As a First Resort Medium Experienced 1
Back to my Roots Medium Master 1
Between a Rock... Medium Experienced 2
Big Chompy Bird Hunting Short Intermediate 2
Biohazard Long Novice 3
Cabin Fever Medium Experienced 2
Catapult Construction Short Master 2
The Chosen Commander Long Experienced 3
Clock Tower Medium Novice 1
Cold War Medium Intermediate 1
Contact! Medium Master 1
Creature of Fenkenstrain Medium Intermediate 2
Darkness of Hallowvale Long Intermediate 2
Dealing with Scabaras Short Master 1
Death Plateau Medium Novice 1
Death to the Dorgeshuun Medium Intermediate 1
Defender Of Varrock Medium Experienced 2
Desert Treasure Long Master 3
Devious Minds Short Experienced 1
Digsite Quest Long Intermediate 2
Dream Mentor Short Master 2
Druidic Ritual Medium Novice 4
Dwarf Cannon Short Novice 1
Eadgar's Ruse Medium Experienced 1
Eagles' Peak Short Novice 2
Elemental Workshop I Short Novice 1
Elemental Workshop II Short Intermediate 1
Enakhra's Lament Medium Experienced 2
An Enlightened Journey Medium Intermediate 1
The Eyes of Glouphrie Medium Intermediate 2
A Fairy Tale Part 1 Long Experienced 2
A Fairy Tale Part 2 Medium Experienced 2
Family Crest Long Experienced 1
The Feud Medium Intermediate 1
Fight Arena Medium Experienced 2
Fishing Contest Short Novice 1
Forgettable Tale... Medium Intermediate 2
The Fremennik Isles Long Experienced 1
The Fremennik Trials Long Intermediate 3
Garden of Tranquillity Medium Intermediate 2
Gertrude's Cat Short Novice 1
Ghosts Ahoy Long Intermediate 2
The Giant Dwarf Medium Intermediate 2
Glorious Memories Medium Master 1
The Golem Medium Intermediate 1
The Grand Tree Long Experienced 5
The Great Brain Robbery Medium Experienced 2
Grim Tales Medium Master 1
The Hand in the Sand Medium Intermediate 1
Haunted Mine Medium Experienced 2
The Hazeel Cult Medium Novice 1
Heroes Quest Long Experienced 1
The Holy Grail Long Intermediate 2
Horror from the Deep Short Experienced 2
Hunt For Red Raktuber Medium Intermediate 1
Icthlarin's Little Helper Medium Intermediate 2
In Aid of the Myreque Medium Intermediate 2
In Pyre Need Short Experienced 1
In Search of the Myreque Short Intermediate 2
Jungle Potion Short Novice 1
Kennith's Concerns Medium Intermediate 1
King's Ransom Medium Experienced 1
Land of the Goblins Medium Experienced 1
Legacy of Seergaze Long Experienced 2
Legends Quest Long Master 4
Lost City Medium Experienced 3
The Lost Tribe Medium Intermediate 1
Lunar Diplomacy Long Experienced 2
Making History Medium Intermediate 3
Meeting History Short Intermediate 1
Merlin's Crystal Long Intermediate 6
Missing My Mummy Medium Intermediate 1
Monk's Friend Short Novice 1
Monkey Madness Long Master 3
Mountain Daughter Medium Intermediate 2
Mourning's Ends Part 1 Long Master 2
Mourning's Ends Part 2 Long Master 2
Murder Mystery Short Novice 3
My Arm's Big Adventure Medium Intermediate 1
Myths Of The White Lands Short Novice 1
Nature Spirit Medium Novice 2
Observatory Quest Short Novice 2
Olaf's Quest Short Intermediate 1
One Small Favour Long Experienced 2
The Path of Glouphrie Medium Experienced 1
Perils of Ice Mountain Short Novice 1
Plague City Long Novice 1
Priest in Peril Medium Novice 1
Rag and Bone Man Medium Novice 1
Ratcatchers Long Intermediate 2
Recipe for Disaster Long Special 10
Recruitment Drive Short Novice 1
Regicide Long Master 3
Rocking Out Long Master 2
Roving Elves Short Master 1
Royal Trouble Medium Experienced 1
Rune Mechanics Short Novice 1
Rum Deal Medium Experienced 2
Scorpion Catcher Long Intermediate 1
Sea Slug Short Intermediate 1
Shades of Mort'ton Short Intermediate 3
Shadow of the Storm Medium Intermediate 1
Sheep Herder Short Novice 4
Shilo Village Long Experienced 2
The Slug Menace Medium Intermediate 1
Smoking Kills Short Intermediate 1
A Soul's Bane Short Novice 1
Spirit Of Summer Medium Intermediate 1
Spirits of the Elid Medium Intermediate 2
Summer's End Short Experienced 1
Swan Song Medium Master 2
Swept Away Short Novice 1
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Long Intermediate 2
A Tail of Two Cats Medium Intermediate 2
The Tale Of The Muspah Medium Novice 1
Tears of Guthix Short Intermediate 1
Temple of Ikov Long Experienced 1
Throne of Miscellania Medium Experienced 1
The Tourist Trap Long Intermediate 2
TokTz-Ket-Dill Medium Experienced 1
Tower of Life Short Novice 2
Tree Gnome Village Long Intermediate 2
Tribal Totem Medium Intermediate 1
Troll Romance Medium Experienced 2
Troll Stronghold Medium Experienced 1
Underground Pass Long Experienced 5
Wanted! Short Intermediate 1
Watchtower Long Intermediate 4
Waterfall Quest Long Intermediate 1
What Lies Below Short Intermediate 1
While Guthix Sleeps Long Grand Master 5
Witch's House Medium Intermediate 4
Wolf Whistle Short Novice 1
Zogre Flesh Eaters Long Intermediate 1

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