Pest Control


[edit] Introduction

Pest control is a safe Mini-game where the aim is to help the Void knight fight the pests coming out of 4 portals, whenever you die in-game, you will simply respawn at the spawn point in the game, losing nothing.

[edit] Requirements

To participate in Pest Control you need at least 40 combat. To enter the Novice you need 40 combat. To enter the Intermediate you need 70 combat. To enter the Veteran you need 100 combat.

[edit] Location

Pest Control is locating on a small island called "Void Knight outpost" which can only be accesed by boat. First off go to Port Sarim and simply find the boat with people dressed in black, for free you can travel to the island by boat, once you arrive there it wont be hard to notice on the small island that there are 4 boats in which shows different levels, such as Novice, Veteran, Etc.

[edit] Equipment

As this is a safe Mini-game you may as well use your best equipment, especially if you are using Pest Control to train your combat. Some people also take chinchompas. A hammer and axe may be wanted to re-build the gates if they are destroyed.

[edit] How to Win

In order to win, you must eleminate all portals, simply by protecting to void knight until he deactivates the shields for the Portals, once the portal's shields are offline, you can start attacking it but watch out for the Spinners because they can repair the portals, after all portals are destroyed you win the round and you can play as many times as you wish, but make sure to participate and get 50 points and higher or you wont earn any credits at the end of it.

[edit] Overview

Basically you start in a boat and are taken to an island. You need 5-25 players in a team. You have to go onto the island and either destroy the 4 portals or keep the Void Knight alive for 20 minutes. There are various monsters that spawn at the portals. These will try and attack you, or the Void Knight. Every time you destroy a portal the Void Knight is healed for 50HP. He starts with 200HP.

[edit] Themed Worlds

The following worlds are the Pest Control themed worlds: 53, 115, 144. These are the best worlds if you are wanting to use the Pest Control training method or you don't have a clan who goes often. Obviously if you want to go with a clan you may want a quieter world so you aren't interrupted.

[edit] Pests

There are various types of pests in Pest Control. Each has something significant about them. Here is a list in alphabetical order.

Monster Picture Additional Info.
Brawler Brawler.gif Players can't walk through
Defiler Defiler.gif Can range from behind gates
Ravager Ravager.gif Can tear gates down
Shifter Shifter.gif Can teleport
Spinner Spinner.gif Heal portals
Splatter Splatter.gif Explode and deal high damage
Torcher Torcher.gif Can mage from behind gates

[edit] Portals

Portal Weakness
Blue Magic attacka
Purple Ranged attacks
Red Crush attacks
Yellow Stab/ Slash attacks

[edit] Tactics


Most people tend to run straight to the Yellow portal, here you want to just get a slash or stab weapons, whips are good, and hammer the portal, be careful of Spinners, as soon as you see one attack it yourself, as my experience is, especially in Novice, everyone expects someone else to do it. Then you may want to go for the Red portal. For this a crush weapon is best, many use full dharoks for this portal. By the time you get to the blue and purple portals most the team will be there so they should go down quick. However its helpful to have some people using Ancients and Chinchompas to clear the monsters. You should use prayer at all times to help you.


Most defenders stay around the Void Knight to kill the Shifters. The shifters can stand on top of each other and can deal quite large amounts of damage to the Void Knight. You are best to kill the high levels first. Don't forget, you don't need to worry about dieing. A good tip is to close the gates, this stops some of the Shifters getting through to the Void Knight. Also you want some people to kill the Defilers and Torchers that stand near the gates, ranging and magically attacking the Void Knight. For lower levels who struggle to kill them, a good tactic is to attack Splatters in crowds of monsters to explode and deal around 10-15 damage to all nearby monsters. People killing the Defilers and Torchers should also kill Ravagers to stop them destroying the gates.

[edit] Rewards

Each time you win you get 10 x your Combat Level in coins. Also you get Pest Points depending on what boat you were on.

  • Novice 2 Points
  • Intermediate 3 Points
  • Veteran 4 Points

You can have up to a total of 250 points. After you save up some points, you can redeem them for some very cool prizes:

[edit] Void Knight Armor

Armor Piece Picture Points Needed
Melee Helmet File:Void melee helm.gif 200
Range Helmet File:Void range helm.gif 200
Mage Helmet File:Void mage helm.gif 200
Amulet File:Void amulet.gif 10
Robe Top File:Void robe top.gif 250
Robe Bottom File:Void robe bottom.gif 250
Gloves File:Void gloves.gif 150
Mace File:Void mace.gif 250

[edit] Experience

One of the main reason Pest Control is so popular for training combat is the experience rewards. You can obtain experience in the following skills:

For all of the skills except for prayer this is the formula for how much experience you obtain per point.

  • (Level x Level) / 6

For prayer the formula is the same except it is over 12 instead of over 6, basically half the experience you receive for other combat skills.

  • (Level x Level) / 12

If you exchange 10 points in one go then you get an extra 1% added onto it. So the formula would be as follows:

  • Combat: [(Level x Level) / 6] x 10.1
  • Prayer: [(Level x Level) / 12] x 10.1

If you exchange 100 points in one go then you get an extra 10% added onto it. So the formula would be as follows:

  • Combat: [(Level x Level) / 6] x 110
  • Prayer: [(Level x Level) / 12] x 110

[edit] Packs

  • Seed Pack (15 points) : 15 seeds, some high level, some low level.
  • Mineral Pack (15 points) : 25 Coal, 18 Iron.
  • Herb Pack (30 points) : Herbs, (need to find out number of them.)

[edit] Charms

There are 4 different types of charm you can exchange your points for: Shifter, Ravager, Torcher, Spinner. Each cost 2 points. They can be used for making certain familiars in Summoning.

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