Perils of Ice Mountain

Perils of Ice Mountain
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointTalk to Lakki the Delivery Dwarf on the road from Falador to Barbarian Village
Skill Requirements10 Construction, 10 Farming, 10 Hunting, 11 Thieving
Quest RequirementsNone
Item RequirementsA bucket of Compost, a filled watering can,a hammer, 2 planks (any kind), 2 nails (any kind), and a saw.
Skill Recommendations52 summoning. (For the Spirit Terrorbird)
Quest RecommendationsAs a First Resort (For the unlimited running bath)
Item RecommendationsEnergy Restore Potion


[edit] Starting Out

1. Speak to Lakki the Delivery Dwarf on the path from Falador to Barbarian Village to find out that he was supposed to deliver parts to the new power station but he has lost a crate on the way. Offer to help him find it.


2. Head west to the steps and south of the steps, there are bushes with the "Search" Option. Search all of them and you will find the crate in one of them.

3. After finding the crate, go to the Dwarven Camp, located at the southern part of Ice Mountain, and go to the power station which is west of the Dwarven Mine entrance (The power station is grey on the minimap). Speak to Drorkar and give him the crate.


4. Drorkar will give you a letter to give to Brother Bordiss. Brother Bordiss can be found in the Monastery east of Ice Mountain.

5. Speak with Brother Bordiss and he will be furious by the letter and explain to you about Drorkar's "Zamorakian smoke machine". Just as when he calmed down, Brother Aldric's roses die.


6. Speak to Brother Aldric and offer to help him. Use a bucket of compost and your watering can on the roses to save it.

[edit] Global Melting

7.Go back up Ice Mountain and up the snowy peak. Find Professor Arblenap on the southern end of the snowed peak and speak with him. He will tell you that Drorkar's machine is killing the icefiends. Offer to help him save the icefiends.


8. Wield the net that Professor Arblenap gave you and catch 4 baby Icefiends. Give the icefiends to the professor and he will teleport away right before an avalanche.

9. Head to the northern part of the mountain and speak to the Oracle. Offer to fix her broken tent, which has been swept down.

10. Head down from the mountain and pick up the broken tent. Take it back up the mountain and to the Oracle. Use the tent on the remains with a hammer, a saw, 2 nails, and 2 planks to fix it. Talk to the Oracle again and she will tell you the melting of the snow will destroy the civilization.


[edit] A more environmentally friendly energy source?

11. Speak to Drorkar in the power station again and tell him he must shut down the power station. He will not be convinced that the power station will cause the end of civilization but tells you to talk to Nurmof.

12. Head east and go down the ladder to Dwarven Mine. Find the pickaxe shop which is at the western part of the mine. Talk to Nurmof there and he will tell you that Bordiss had an alternative design for the power station but never turned up with them.


13. Go to the monastery and talk to Brother Bordiss. He will tell you that the plans are in a chest but Drorkar took the key while he was drunk.

14. Go back to Drorkar and pickpocket him for the chest key. Make your way to the mine and head immediately east into Drogo's shop. Use the key on the chest to receive the plans.


15. Take the plans to Nurmof and use the plans with him. He will look at the plans and realise it would work. Watch the cutscene of a more environmentally-friendly power station to finish the quest.

[edit] Reward


  • 500 Construction Experience
  • 500 Farming Experience
  • 500 Hunter Experience
  • 500 Thieving Experience
  • Ability to smith Pickaxes
  • Permission to use the power station ladder for quicker access to Nurmof's shop and Keldagrim mine carts.
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