[edit] Introduction

Player-vs-Player worlds, or PvP worlds, are worlds where you can PK anywhere in the whole entire Runescape. There are only some 'safezones' such as banks and the grand exchange. Places that PK enabled are marked by a skull with a cross over it. These worlds are in place of the much missed wilderness. Mostly all of the same rules apply, such as the level requirements to kill someone and the skulls you are given. To start PvPing, you will need to log into a Pvp world, which has a tick on the far right hand side next to the world you want to go on. When you log into a PvP world for the first time you will be teleported to lumbridge straight away, and be given a book on the rules and knowledge of the PvP worlds. If you log into a world which is a PvP world by accident, you will be given a short immunity from players attacking you. But once the time has past, you will be able to be attacked by all players.


NOTE: You must have level 20 combat to play on PVP worlds.

[edit] Rules

There are only a few minor, and a few major rules on PvP world, they are:

~ You will have a short immunity period upon log-in to a PVP world.

~ You must have 20 combat to use PVP worlds.

~ Borrowed items cannot be used or lent on PVP worlds.

~ The Skull system is used. If you are killed, you will lose all but three of your items. However, if you attacked someone recently, you may be skulled. In this case, you will lose all your items upon death. The protect item prayer works normally.

~ You do not receive opponent's items upon their death. Instead, you will recieve a reward based on the impressiveness of the kill. This is based upon you and your opponent's combat levels, the value of the items both of you are carrying, how long you have been in a dangerous section of the PVP world, how many players you have killed recently, and whether you are in a "hot zone".

~ These are marked by a flaming skull icon on your screen; these are generally popular and/or dangerous areas.

~ The value of the items carried improve your drop chances until you have reached 75,000 coins value (P2P) or 25,000 coins value in non-members worlds, excluding your three most valuable items. Since your drops will not improve over this limit, take only items you are willing to lose, don't bring your most expensive items unless they will help you!

~ Many minigames are closed on PVP worlds; see below for a list.

~ You can attack players who have a combat level difference of up to 10% of your combat level. Wilderness levels are added in addition to this, making it an even deadlier place.

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