Mini-games are located throughout Runescape. Most are available to accounts with members (P2p) status, although a few can be found in free to play worlds (f2p). Some mini-games are considered safe, where you do not lose your items if you die or if it is not possible to die in that area due to lack of things to attack.

Mini games are often sought after for clan and community events. You will find some worlds are "themed", which means you can usually expect that mini game to be highly populated on that world. Mini games offer many rewards, from powerful barrows and 3rd Age armour, too more fun items like new outfits. Most mini games also offer a form of gaining experience whether its combat or non-combat skill oriented, and can generally be a lot of fun with friends.

[edit] Mini-games

Name Safe Members or Free
All Fired Up No Members
Bar Crawl Yes Members
Barbarian Assault Yes Members
Barrows No Members
Blast Furnace Yes Members
Bounty Hunter No Members and Free
Brimhaven Agility Arena No Members
Castle Wars Yes Members
Champion's Scroll No Members
Clan Wars Yes Members and Free
Distractions And Diversions N/A Members
Duel Arena Yes Members and Free
Falador Party Room Yes Members and Free
Fishing Trawler Yes Members
Fist of Guthix Yes Members and Free
Games Room Yes Members
Gnome Ball No Members
Gnome Restaurant Yes Members
Impetuous Impulses Yes Members
Mage Arena No Members
Mage Training Arena Yes Members
Manage Thy Kingdom Yes Members
Pest Control Yes Members
Pyramid Plunder No Members
PVP No Members and Free
Ranging Minigame Yes Members
Rat Pits No Members
Rougue Trader Yes Members
Rougues' Den Yes Members
Shades of Mort'ton No Members
Sorceress' Garden Yes Members
Soul Wars Yes Members
Stealing Creation Yes Members
Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-Up No Members
Tears of Guthix Yes Members
Temple Trekking No Members
The Great Orb Project Yes Members and Free
Treasure Trails No Members
Trouble Brewing Yes Members
TzHaar Fight Cave Yes Members
TzHaar Fight Pits Yes Members
Vinesweeper Yes Members

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