Manage Thy Kingdom


[edit] Intro

Manage Thy Kingdom is a Mini-game that revolves around you being royalty in Miscellania. To unlock this Mini-game you have to complete the quest Throne Of Miscellania. However it is recommended you also complete Royal Trouble quest before doing this Mini-game.

[edit] How To Get There

You can either:

  • Walk, go north from Seers' Village into Rellekka, then catch the 2nd most western boat to Miscellania.
  • Have a house in Rellekka, teleport there then catch the boat.
  • Use the Fairy Rings; code CIP.

[edit] Items You Need

  • Lots of coins, and any one of the following:
  • Axe
  • Rake
  • Lobster Pot
  • Pickaxe
  • Harpoon
  • Watering can
  • Compost/ bucket

There is a bank on the island so as long as you have one of them in your bank it doesn't matter.

[edit] How It Works

Basically you pay 10% of your total money to the workers each day, however the maximum they will accept is 5K each, or 75K in total. Each item has a certain cost for each one. The higher the approval rating the more the workers will work and get materials for you.

[edit] What to do

[edit] Approval Ratings

To start with, you need to gain approval ratings, this can be done in many ways:

  • Mining Coal.
  • Chopping Maples.
  • Chopping Teaks/ Mahogany.
  • Fishing Harpoon/ Lobsters.
  • Raking the herb garden.
  • Raking, watering, and composting the farm patches.

You can do whichever you wish to, however chopping Teaks is the usually the fastest way of gaining favour, especially if you have high woodcutting. When you have gained 100%, you will be informed, the person you are helping will tell you that you have done enough and you won't be able to do anymore. You can check your approval rating by talking to any person that you can help, or Advisor Ghrim. Your approval rating will go down 1% everyday.

[edit] The Coffers

Now you want to go up to Advisor Ghrim and talk to him. You will see a screen of a map of the island.


Here you have 10 workers (15 if you have completed Royal Trouble), at each raw material you can have 10 workers, make sure you use all of your workers to get the best money. You can make your workers get any of the raw materials you could to get your approval rating up, but you must pay them 5k each everyday in wages for their efforts.

[edit] Tactics

[edit] Money

The best ways to do this are to put 1.425 million in and return 7 days later and put 525K in the coffers, and do this every week, or put 900K in the coffers and return daily to put another 75K in the coffers. Some of you reading this may be thinking, shouldn't it be 1.35 million and 825K? This can be done, but I personally don't like to as, if you can't get on on the day you need to (or everyday in the case of the daily) then you can lose some of your profit. Note that each time you return to the island you will be getting your approval rating back up to 100%. This makes it so the daily means larger % profits but weekly is easier if you aren't on as regularly.

[edit] Raw Materials

Weekly- Checking

In a week you will receive:

Raw Material 10 Workers 10 Worker Extras 5 Workers 5 Worker Extras
Cooked Fish 2988 tuna, 896 swordfish 74 caskets* 1494 tuna, 448 swordfish 37 caskets*
Coal 3706 18 Gems 1853 9 Gems
Farm Seeds 3242 17 Tree Seeds 1621 8 Tree Seeds
Flax 8487 13 Herb Seeds 4243 6 Herb Seeds
Fish 2988 tuna, 896 swordfish 74 caskets* 1494 tuna, 448 swordfish 37 caskets*
Hardwoods (both) 826 Mahogany, 826 Teak 4 Bird Nests 413 Mahogany, 413 Teak 2 Bird Nests
Herbs 410 3 Herb Seeds 205 1 Herb Seeds
Mahogany 1387 3 Bird Nests 693 1 Bird Nests
Maple 6057 60 Bird Nests 3028 30 Bird Nests
Teak 2043 5 Bird Nests 1021 2 Bird Nests

Daily Checking

In a day you will receive:

Raw Material 10 Workers 10 Worker Extras 5 Workers 5 Worker Extras
Cooked Fish
Farm Seeds
Hardwoods (both)

* Occasionally, players may receive a level 1 clue scroll instead of a casket.

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