Lost City

Lost City
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointSpeak to the Warrior in the Lumbridge Swamp
Skill Requirements31 Crafting, 36 Woodcutting, and the ability to kill level 25 Zombies, survive level 92 Greater Demons, and kill a level 101 Tree Spirit. You will not have any weapons(except for a bronze axe after you kill zombies).
Quest RequirementsNone
Item RequirementsA woodcutting axe and a knife(not throwing knifes!)
Skill RecommendationsA high combat level, 43 prayer.
Item RecommendationsFood, prayer potions(if you have 43 prayer), runes for fighting and teleporting runes.


[edit] Starting The Hunt

Find the Ranger, the Monk, the Warrior, and the Mage in the northwest of the Lumbridge Swamp, on the southern side of the fence. Talk to the warrior and he will mention the Lost City. He'll tell you you have to find a leprechaun hiding in the woods. LostCityCamp.PNG

[edit] Find Shamus Who Lives In A Tree!

Shamus is actually closeby. To the left of the people are some trees. One tree will be different, however, because where most trees will say "Chop Down Tree", one will say "Chop Tree" when scrolled over with your cursor. Chop the tree down and Shamus the Leprechaun will jump out. Talk to him and he says that the entrance to the city is in a little farming shack in the Lumbridge Swamp. Success!

Or not. . .


[edit] To The Dramen Tree!

The leprechaun will say that you'll need a Dramen Staff to get in to Zanaris. You can get a Dramen Staff by cutting down the Dramen Tree and using a knife on a Dramen Branch. Now, prepare for the final battle. Get your food, and bank all of your weapons. Runes are allowed, so bring about 100 casts for your best fire spell. The monks won't take your runes, but you can't take any armor or staffs, so you'll have to click for each spell. Go to Port Sarim and find the Monks Of Entrana. Since they're hardcore Saradominists, they won't allow any weapons to be brought to their peaceful island. That includes your axe, so bank it. Once everything's all set, you should set sail for Entrana. Once there, go northwest until you find a dungeon with a monk near it. BE CAREFUL. ONCE YOU GO INTO THIS DUNGEON YOU CANNOT LEAVE EASILY. There is only one way to escape, and that is the door at the end of the dungeon, which leads to level 32 wilderness and is one way(meaning you can't run back into the "safety" of the dungeon). Also, your prayer will be drained. A LOT. When I was prayer level fifty-one or so my prayer drained down to 3. That's why I told you to bring your prayer pots. When you're ready. . . go in.

[edit] The Dramen Dungeon

Now, you can't cut down the tree without an axe, so you'll need to kill some zombies(level - 25) until they drop a bronze axe. Not a good melee weapon, but you're just using it to cut the tree. When you've finally gotten your bronze axe as a drop, go past the zombies and there will be greater demons(level - 92) and a 4 way tunnel. You just came from the West, and to the East is the door to the wilderness. Due North are more greater demons and a dead end, and to the South is the Dramen Tree. Run past the greater demons and go south. Make sure you're ready to fight, and then click to chop the tree down.

A tree spirit(level - 101) will appear and attack you. If you're meleeing, attack the tree spirit and put on Protect from Melee if you have it. I strongly disagree with doing it this way, it is too risky. Instead, hide behind the mushrooms and fungi and attack the Tree Spirit with mage or range attacks. It can't hurt you, because this is a safespot. Once it's dead, chop down the tree as many times as you like, and teleport out. Stop at a bank, use a knife on the branches and it will automatically cut them into staffs. Store them all in your bank except one, and move on.

[edit] Resolution

Go to the little shack in Lumbridge Swamp that Shamus told you about. Equip your Dramen Staff and open the door. You will be teleported to Zanaris.

Congratulations! You have completed the Lost City quest!


[edit] Rewards

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