It may seem like Hunter is a useless Skill, but at higher levels, it can be extremely useful. For example, at level 60, you gain access to 4 traps at once, and at level 63 you gain access to the best animal to hunt, for both experience and money: The Red Chinchompa.


[edit] Hunted

Picture Name Level Region XP Method (Bait)
Polar Kebbit.gif Polar Kebbit 1 Snow 30 Track
Crimson Swift.gif Crimson Swift 1 Jungle 34 Snare
Common Kebbit.gif Common Kebbit 3 Woodland 36 Track
Golden Warbler.gif Golden Warbler 5 Desert 47.6 Snare
Feldip Weasel.gif Feldip Weasel 7 Jungle 48 Track
Copper Longtail.gif Copper Longtail 9 Woodland 61.2 Snare
Cerulean Twitch.gif Cerulean Twitch 11 Snow 64.6 Snare
Desert Devil.gif Desert Devil 13 Desert 66 Track
Ruby Harvest.gif Ruby Harvest 15 Woodland 24 Butterfly Net
Tropical Wagtail.gif Tropical Wagtail 19 Jungle 95 Snare
Wild Kebbit.gif Wild Kebbit 23 Woodland 128 Deadfall(Raw meat)
Sapphire Glacialis.gif Sapphire Glacialis 25 Snow 34 Butterfly Net
Ferret.gif Ferret 27 Woodland 115.2 Box Trap (Raw Meat)
Rabbit.gif Rabbit 27 Woodland 144 Ferret
File:Baby Gecko.gif Baby Gecko 27 North-West of Shipyard 100 Box Trap
File:Baby Raccoon.gif Baby Raccoon 27 West of Barbarian Village 100 Box Trap
File:Baby Monkey.gif Baby Monkey 27 North of Shilo Village 100 Box Trap (Banana)
File:Baby Squirrel.gif Baby Squirrel 29 South of Mind Altar 152 Net Trap (Nuts)
Swamp Lizard.gif Swamp Lizard 29 Swamp 152 Net Trap (Guam Tar)
Spined Larupia.gif Spined Larupia 31 Jungle 180 Pitfall
Barb-Tailed Kebbit.gif Barb-Tailed Kebbit 33 Jungle 168 Deadfall(Raw Rainbowfish)
Snowy Knight.gif Snowy Knight 35 Snow 44 Butterfly Net
Prickly Kebbit.gif Prickly Kebbit 37 Woodland 204 Deadfall (Barley)
File:Wimpy Bird.gif Wimpy Bird 39 Beach South of Oo'glog 167 Snare (Smouldering Tansymum)
Horned Graahk.gif Horned Graahk 41 Karamja 240 Pitfall
Spotted Kebbit.gif Spotted Kebbit 43 Woodland 104.2 Falconry
File:Diseased Kebbit.gif Diseased Kebbit 44 Beach south of Oo'glog 225 Deadfall (Smouldering fever grass)
Black Warlock.gif Black Warlock 45 Jungle 54 Butterfly Net
Orange Salamander.gif Orange Salamander 47 Desert 224 Net Trap(Marrentill Tar)
File:Baby Platypus.gif Baby Platypus 48 Beach south of Oo'glog 205 Box Trap (Smouldering Lavender)
Razor-Backed Kebbit.gif Razor-Backed Kebbit 49 Woodland 348 Track
Sabre-Toothed Kebbit.gif Sabre-Toothed Kebbit 51 Snow 200 Deadfall (Raw Meat)
Chinchompa.gif Grey Chinchompa 53 Woodland 198.5 Box Trap (Spicy Chopped Tomato)
Sabre-Toothed Kyatt.gif Sabre-Toothed Kyatt 55 Snow 300 Pitfall
Dark Kebbit.gif Dark Kebbit 57 Woodland 132 Falconry
Red Salamander.gif Red Salamander 59 Temple 272 Net Trap(Tarromin Tar)
Red Chinchompa.gif Carnivorous Chinchompa 63 Jungle 265 Boxtrap (Spicy Minced Meat)
Pawya.gif Pawya 66 Isafdar 400 Box Trap(Papaya)
Black Salamander.gif Black Salamander 67 Wilderness 304 Net Trap(Harralander Tar)
Dashing Kebbit.gif Dashing Kebbit 69 Woodland 156 Falconry
File:Imp.gif Imp 71 Spread across Runescape 450 Magic Box(Bead)
Grenwall.gif Grenwall 77 Isafdar 1100 Box Trap(Raw Pawya Meat)

Butterfly Net

Picture Name Level Region XP XP in Runescape Method
Ruby Harvest.gif Ruby Harvest Butterfly 15 Piscatoris Hunter area 24 N/A Butterfly Net
Baby Imping.gif Baby Imping 17 Around Runescape/Puro-Puro 18 20 Butterfly Net
Young Imping.gif Young Imping 22 Around Runescape/Puro-Puro 20 22 Butterfly Net
Sapphire Glacialis.gif Sapphire Glacialis Butterfly 25 Trollweiss Hunter area 34 N/A Butterfly Net
Gourmet impling.gif Gourmet impling 28 Around Runescape/Puro-Puro 22 24 Butterfly Net
Snowy Knight.gif Snowy knight 35 Trollweiss Hunter area 44 N/A Butterfly Net
Earth impling.gif Earth impling 36 Around Runescape/Puro-Puro 25 27 Butterfly Net
Essence impling.gif Essence impling 42 Around Runescape/Puro-Puro 27 29 Butterfly Net
Black Warlock.gif Black warlock 45 Feldip Hunter area 54 N/A Butterfly Net
Eclectic impling.gif Eclectic impling 50 Around Runescape/Puro-Puro 30 32 Butterfly Net
Nature impling.gif Nature impling 58 Around Runescape/Puro-Puro 34 36 Butterfly Net
Magpie impling.gif Magpie impling 65 Around Runescape/Puro-Puro 44 216 Butterfly Net
Ninja impling.gif Ninja impling 72 Around Runescape/Puro-Puro 50 240 Butterfly Net
Pirate impling.gif Pirate impling* 76 Around Runescape/Puro-Puro 57 270 Butterfly Net
Dragon impling.gif Dragon impling 83 Around Runescape/Puro-Puro 65 300 Butterfly Net

*Can only be caught after completing Rocking Out

Still in Progress :)

[edit] Getting Started

The best way to get started any skill is to buy the basic gear, which I'll talk about below.

For starters, you should head over to your local Hunter store located in either Yanille or Naradah. Once there, you should purchase a few things: Some bird snares (1-5), some box traps (5+), a butterfly net (1), some jars (10+), noosing wand and Larupia clothing (Level 28 required to equip).

Take note that not all of this is required; only buy what you plan to use after reading this guide.

[edit] Starting Levels (Levels 1 to 20)

Well, starting out, you have a few choices. You can track polar kebits at the polar hunter area, or you could hunt crimson swifts in the jungle hunter area. Its really up to you.

Option one: Polar Kebits Start out by buying a noosing wand at your local hunter store. Once you get a hold of one, head over to the polar hunter area and find the area with some tracks. Start by looking into any of the holes around, and some tracks should appear, leading to another one. Keep following the tracks and clicking on the next hole until you get "I think somethings in there". Once you get that, click again and you should hunt the polar kebbit. Continue this until you have caught the kebbit.

Option two: Crimson Swifts Start out by buying some bird snares and heading to Jungle Hunter Area. The most common place for these is far south of the Feldip hills area - near the area where the beach meets the jungle. When you catch a bird, you will receive 1 raw bird, a few feathers (Red feathers) and bones. You can simply bury or drop the bones and drop the raw bird meat simply for speed when hunting at lower levels (As banking them is pretty pointless). The feathers that you gather have no real significance, as they can be used for fly fishing or making arrows - just as you would with normal feathers. Crimson swifts are generally good experience till around 19-20 hunter.

[edit] Novice levels (Levels 20 to 43)

Tropical Wagtails: At this point, you can hunt using a maximum of two traps simultaneously. If you are already familiar with hunting birds using the bird snares, then this method will be exactly the same as with Crimson swifts. Tropical wagtails are found in the Feldip hills area - the most popular area for them is just north-east of the hunter master in Feldip hills. However, if you were previously hunting crimson swifts then just head east until you see the bushes used for tracking. The tropical wagtails will appear to you as yellow dots on the mini-map. The Tropical wagtails are generally good experience until level 43, although if you wish so, you can change your training method earlier on for another method of hunting.

It would be also good to note that at level 28 hunter, you are able to equip Larupia clothing. This will greatly increase your chance of catching things in the jungle area, and will be the most useful hunting item that you will ever have in your possession.

[edit] Intermediate levels (Levels 43 to 53/63)

Falconry (Level 43 Hunter Required) At this point, the experience for hunter comes thick and fast (For your level). It is quite easily possible to get to 63 hunter in a day from 43 using this method if you concentrate. To use the falconry method, you will need to go to the Falconry area (South-east of the fishing colony) with 500gp - Also note that you CANNOT have gloves, weapons or shields equipped when using this method. Pay the man inside the falconry area 500gp to hire the bird and begin catching kebbits. Also note that you CANNOT leave the area with the bird 'equipped'. For every kebbit you catch, you will receive one set of fur and one lot of bones. The fur can be exchanged (Along with money) with the fancy-dress shop owner in the members area of Varrock for weight-reducing equipment. However, it is recommended that you simply drop the fur and drop/bury the bones. You can carry on with this, catching the highest-leveled kebbits that you are able to, until level 60-63; on the other hand, you could use another method:

Grey chinchompa (Level 53 required): Once you reach level 53 hunter, you will be able to get a taste of what master hunting is all about. This method is the exact same method as you will most likely be using when you're able to catch Carnivorous Chinchompa at 63 hunter. Simply take three box traps to the area just south-west of the entrance to the falconry area and set them up by the trees. A grey chinchompa will occasionally jump into your box - simply check the trap and the Grey Chinchompa will be added to your inventory. The chinchompa (Carnivorous and Grey) are stackable, so you won't have to worry about banking. If your trap falls over, simply set it back up. This method, although slower exp than falconry, it is good personal experience for when you can catch carnivorous chinchompa. This method is good until 63 hunter.

[edit] High Levels and the Road to 99 Hunter

Red Chinchompa (63 Hunter and above)' From here, you are almost a master hunter. But now its time to get on the road to 99 Hunter, or to where ever you're going (70, 80, 90 or what ever).

The first thing you'll need is 5+ box traps. These are required to do this method, so don't leave them behind. Its also good to bring extra traps, incase you lag out or what not.

The first thing you need to do is to find the Hunter spot. Take a look at this map to find out where to go:

Hunter Spot.PNG

Once you arrive there, there will be people already there, I can guarantee it. So your first step: FIND AN EMPTY WORLD. Don't steal someones spot, its rude and you won't get much better exp (You will in fact get the worst exp, compared to having your own spot). Yes, people will steal your spot once you've found one, but at the least, you did your part to try and make Runescape a better place.

Once you have your own spot (Or found a friend who's willing to share :D), set up your traps in an combination you want; it doesn't really matter how you place your traps. For starting out, I suggest placing your traps in a square, with one empty spot in the middle. In the future, you'll be able to place another trap there. But for now all you need to do is wait.

Once you get a chinchompa in any of your traps, click on it and select "Open Trap". Congrations, you've just caught you're first red chinchompa! Now set your trap up again!

Sometimes, however, you won't be so lucky and your trap might fall down. Don't worry, this happens all the time! Just pick it back up and set it up again.

You might also get a chinchompa to come over to your trap, but back away before it gets caught. This also happens a lot, especially at lower levels. Simply click on it like it was a trap with a chinchompa in it and set it back up again.

[edit] The Hunter Cape

Once you've hit 99 Hunter, you will be able to buy a Hunter Cape! To buy one, talk to the Hunter Master; the hut is marked with a ? mark on the global map, in the hut next to the Red Chinchompa spot. It costs 99k (Don't forget that either, or you won't be able to buy one), but the emote makes it worth 99k.

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