Horror from the Deep

Horror From The Deep
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointLarissa, outside of the lighthouse, north of the Barbarian Outpost
Skill Requirements35 Agility ability to kill a level 100
Quest RequirementsAlfred Grimhand Barcrawl Mini-quest.
Item Requirements60 steel nails, 2 planks, hammer, molten glass, tinderbox, swamp tar, a sword (preferably bronze/ iron) an arrow (preferably bronze/ iron) 1 of all four elemental runes.
Skill RecommendationsAt least combat level 50, 30 Ranged, 35 Magic, 43 Prayer.
Quest RecommendationsNone
Item RecommendationsGood armour and weapon, air staff, about 100 earth, water and fire runes, best catalyst rune you can use fire spells with, best bow and arrows you can use, food and/ or about 5 prayer potions (dependant on combat level, lower the level, more prayer potions you take), combat stat raising potions, one click teleport, games necklace.


[edit] Starting Out

Get out all required items except the food etc for the final fight. Go to the light house, by either heading west from Rellekka, jumping over the broken bridge, or north from the Barbarian Outpost by hopping over all the stepping stones, although this is quite dangerous and you may take some damage from doing this. When you get to the lighthouse talk to Larissa. She will tell you to fix the bridge and talk to her cousin Gunnjorn to get the key to the light house. Upon asking she will tell you how to do these tasks.

[edit] Errands for Larissa

Go east to the bridge and use a plank on each side to fix it, the 60 steel nails will be used doing this. Either use your games necklace to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost, jump all the stepping stones, or go around to the Outpost. Enter the Agility course and speak to Gunnjorn (You need to have completed the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl to enter) he will give you the key. Go back to the lighthouse and use the key to enter. Speak to Larissa inside to find out she wants the light fixing. Go to the top floor of the lighthouse with your molten glass, tinderbox and swamp tar. Use the tar on the machinery for fuel, then use the molten glass for the bulb, then the tinderbox to light the light. Go and talk to Larissa.

[edit] Dungeon Under The Lighthouse

Go up to the first floor and search the bookshelf twice to find to books, flick through them both. Go down the the ground floor then down another ladder. Go to the strange wall and use your sword, arrow, earth, fire, water and air rune on the door. You won't get any of these back so its recommended you use the cheapest normal sword and arrow you can get.

[edit] Final Fight

Go to a bank restore your prayer, get out your best armour, melee weapon, bow, arrows, catalytic rune, air staff, fire, earth, water runes, food, one click teleport and potions. Head back to the lighthouse and go down to the dungeon, and through the door. Climb down the ladder. You will be attacked by a Dagannoth level 100, attack it with melee and use melee protect Prayer. Go and talk to Jossik to find out that wasn't the monster that attacked him. At that moment you will be attacked by the Dagannoth Mother. Although she is also level 100 she is alot more complex than the other Dagannoth. She will change colour occasionally and will attack you with range when you aren't right by her. Only certain attacks will hurt her while she is a certain colour:

  • Orange: Melee attacks.
  • Green: Ranged attacks.
  • Red: Fire spells.
  • Brown: Earh spells.
  • Blue: Water spells.
  • White: Air spells.

Get up close to the mother, drink any combat stat raising potions and attack her, use Melee protect prayer if you have it, a good tactic is to use all your special using a Dragon Dagger (p++) to poison her, but only whilst she is orange. If you don't have 43 Prayer then stay close but watch your health bar, if you have 43 prayer and have protect from melee on, and are using prayer potions keep an eye on your prayer points and your health as she may use range attacks occasionally. Basically when she is on orange use melee, when she gets to green, switch to your bow (make sure you have 1 free inventory space), then when she gets on to the elemental colours switch to air staff and make select the appropriate spell on auto-cast. Make sure you keep an eye on her colour as it would be a waste of attacks and consumables if you are doing the wrong attack type. The order for the mother's colour is this: White, Blue, Orange, Brown, Red, Green.

[edit] Finishing Up

When you have killed the mother you will receive a chest in your inventory. Go up to the first floor, and speak with Jossik. He will ask you which God you prefer. Pick one and you will receive an empty prayer book of that God. To help you choose here are the bonuses a full book will give you:

  • Zamorak (Unholy Book): +8 all offensive bonuses.
  • Saradomin (Holy Book): +8 all defensive bonuses.
  • Guthix (Book Of Balance): +4 all offensive and defensive bonuses.

To complete a book you need all four torn pages of that God. Once you have selected your book you will have finished the quest.

[edit] Rewards

  • The Empty Prayer Book of your choice.
  • Access to the dungeon under the lighthouse which contains Dagannoths after the quest.
  • 4,662 Magic experience.
  • 4,662 Strength experience.
  • 4,662 Ranged experience.

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