Helmet Of Neitiznot

The Helmet of Neitiznot
Examine: A gift from Neitiznot’s Burgher.
Examine: A gift from Neitiznot’s Burgher.
Requirements55 Defence and completion of the Fremennik Isles quest.

[edit] How To Obtain

The Helmet of Neitiznot is a reward from completion of the quest Fremennik Isles and if lost afterwards, can be gotten back for 50,000 gp from Mawnis Burowgar. The Helmet of Neitiznot can also be bought from other players, or off the Grand Exchange.

[edit] Stats

Stat Offensive Defensive
Stab 0 31
Slash 0 29
Crush 0 34
Magic 0 3
Ranged 0 30
Summoning N/A 8
Strength 3
Prayer 3
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