God Wars Dungeon

[edit] Introduction

The God Wars Dungeon is one of the most dangerous places, but also one of the most rewarding places that can be visited in Runescape. It is also very out of the way, ensuring lower levels don't stumble across and die a rather swift death!

Over 2 millenia ago a war between the Gods took place, each God sent their mightiest warriors to fight for them, eventually causing the Wilderness of today. However, in the dungeon all were frozen and preserved. In recent times, Global warming has caused the warriors to unfreeze, and resume their battle.

[edit] How To Get There


There are many ways to get to the God Wars Dungeon, note they mostly require the quest Troll Stronghold complete, as well as a certain agility and strength level requirement:

Firstly, you could follow the red path from Burthorpe. You require climbing boots to climb over rocks, and from going through the circular part where Dad can be found, trolls will attack you. When you start heading up the path north near Trollheim, it is advised you use the prayer Protect from Ranged and have your run on.

Secondly, you could come from Rellekka or Camelot, walking east from Rellekka, before joining the red path.

Thirdly, you could teleport to Trollheim after you have completed Eadgar's Ruse. Then you need to simply run round, be careful of the thrower trolls again.

All of these will lead you to the edge of a snow covered area. From here you need to push the boulder out of the way (requires 60 Strength), then you will enter blizzard conditions. This will instantly reduce your run energy to 0% and it can reduce your HP every so often. As you head north there are high level wolves. You can't run from them so you may want to Pray. Eventually you will come to the dungeon.

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