Gluttonous Behemoth

Gluttonous Behemoths are a type of Demonheim boss monster. You need to kill the boss monster in order to open the "safe" exit to keep the experience you gained during your adventure in a Demonheim dungeon. The Gluttonous Behemoth will fight until it is low on helth then it will stop fighting then start eating at the corpse of another monster to heal. the best way to fight them is to have someone stand between the monster corpse and the Gluttonous Behemoth so the Gluttonous Behemoth can't eat to heal while the other members of the party your in attack the Gluttonous Behemoth. If you are alone, stand between the Gluttonous Behemoth and the food but while you are blocking the food attack the Gluttonous Behemoth(note:Bring a lot of food you will get hurt if you are blocking the food whether you are alone or not due to the fact that you are close to the Gluttonous Behemoth).

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