Giant Mole

Giant Mole
Giant Mole
Holy Mole-y!


[edit] Introduction

The Giant Mole is the lowest level boss monster, and is possibly the easiest to fight, solo or in a team. He lives in the Falador Mole Lair, a large, single room that requires a light source and a tinderbox is preferable. To enter the lair you require a spade also. The mole is easy to solo even at low levels, however it can be quite tedious work, in this guide there will be advice on how to make him easier to kill using any type of combat.

[edit] How To Get There

The Mole, as already stated, lives in the Falador Mole Lair. To get here you need to go into Falador garden. Here there are a few mole holes. Dig with a spade to get down into the lair. Don't forget your light source or tinderbox!

[edit] Fighting The Giant Mole

One thing that makes the mole easier than other bosses is that it only uses melee, and it can be completely blocked by prayer. However, don't underestimate it though. It has high defence and will hit in the 20s if you dont pray. The Giant Mole also has a party piece. When it reaches around half HP it will dig away from you. If you are too close, mud will splatter on your screen and if you have an unprotected light source, it will be extinguished, so its advised you use a bullseye lantern. It will keep digging away from you every few hits after the first time it digs. It can dig to most places in the dungeon, and the dungeon is quite large. To find it you have to either run around and find it with pot luck or, with some familiars, if they are fighting the mole when it digs, they will head in the direction the mole is. If in a team you can split up to find it.

[edit] Fighting Tactics

As the Mole is unusual in certain ways, there are certain tactics that have been discovered to make killing it easier.

  • Poison the mole, so then it still takes damage if it burrows away from you.
  • In a team, split up and check seperate areas.
  • With the update of the Summoning Skill, its been discovered that if you get a familiar to fight the mole, when the mole burrows, the familiar will head in the direction of the mole, cutting down where you need to search.
  • If you use a Spirit Terrorbird, you will get the before stated advantage, and its scroll is useful for running around finding the mole.
  • When your familiar is fighting, the mole will half of the time, focus on it instead of you. If you are using the prayer method you can turn off your prayer as the mole can only attack one at a time, and turns obviously when it is focusing back to you.
  • Take a bullseye lantern, when you do this it doesn't matter if you get too close when the Mole burrows as it doesn't get extinguished.
  • If using a more dangerous method, or have a bad internet connection, switch your respawn to Falador, you can get back to the grave in under 2 minutes and the mole won't attack you.
  • After each kill, head back into the centre of the dungeon by the obelisk, where the Mole respawns.

[edit] Melee

There are a few methods of fighting the mole using melee combat.

Prayer Armour Method

Using this method you will wear armour with high prayer bonuses such as Proselyte, and you will pray all the time using the Protect From Melee prayer. You will take a few Prayer Potions, along with Super Attack and Sup Strength Potions to hit more often and therefore save prayer. It is recommended to take Lumbridge and Falador teletabs, to restore prayer at Lumbridge, then head back to Falador. If you wish to only semi-pray, you may wish to consider using the ones listed with higher defence bonuses and you will need more food; these are mostly done via their prayer bonus, unless it would mean quicker kills without the prayer bonus.

Prayer Armour Method

Dharok's Prayer Method

Using this method you will wear full Dharok's, along with prayer and offense boosting equipment. You will allow the Giant Mole to get your HP low, before praying using Protect From Melee, when your HP restores, allow the Mole to hit you again. The advantage of this is that at low HP Dharok's will hit high and speed up your kills, however it is more dangerous if you lag. With this method you will carry a few Prayer Potions to restore your prayer to lengthen your stay, along with Super Attack Potions to increase the chances of those high hits.

Halberd Safespot Method

With this method you will take advantage of the halberd's capability to hit an extra space away, and so you can safespot on corners in the dungeon. It also takes advantage of the Dragon Halberd's Special that can hit more than once on the mole, assuming you poison the mole quickly. You will wear armour that offers offensive bonuses and will take some food for luring the mole to the safespots. You may also wish to take Super Attack and Super Strengths to speed up kills.

[edit] Range

You may also use the praying tactic on the mole using ranged, however, less prayer bonus is available for ranging equipment without compromising the much needed range bonus, and is less effective than the safespot method, so it isn't advised

Range Safespot Method

Using this method you will poison the Mole using Emerald Bolts (E) before using either a Rune Crossbow or Dark Bow to kill the mole. With this method you will use ranged potions and some food while trying to get to the safespots, you will wear the highest ranged bonuses you can, then considering defence, as the below are done. Note there isn't a similar Magic method due to the moles incredible magic defence, making Magic too costly to work.

[edit] Advantages Of Mole Killing

  • It only uses Melee, and can be prayed against.
  • There are safespots, meaning you dont have to take any damage.
  • There is a summoning obelisk inside the cave.
  • It is close to a bank, so its easy to store drops.
  • Each time it drops a Mole Claw and between 1 to 3 Mole Skin, each are currently about 4.5k each, meaning a guaranteed 9k per kill, without the other drops.
  • It has common drops that due to inflation of skills are quite valuable (e.g. 100 Yew Logs).
  • It isn't aggressive so won't attack whilst you aren't prepared.
  • The mole claws and skins can be exchanged for birds nest which may contain: Nothing, fruit/ tree seed, ring, herb seed, vegetable seed.
  • This means you can chooses depending on current values of mole claws and hides and the birds nests.

[edit] Disadvantages Of Mole Killing

  • It has high defence, and at low levels fights can be tedious, you will hit lots of 0s, this can drain you prayer and may turn costly.
  • It has no high value drops, no single drop will raise you more than 100k.
  • Although not as dangerous as other bosses, it can still drain your HP quickly with constant hits in the high teens if you aren't careful.
  • It is draining on energy finding the mole when it burrows.
  • It often burrows every few hits, resulting in a long fight for small reward.
  • It is tedious searching the whole dungeon, especially on your own.
  • It is known to kill your familiars occasionally when it attacks them due to their lack of ability to defend themselves.
  • It has a long respawn time (around 4 minutes) meaning you can only kill a few an hour, so not great profits.

[edit] Drops

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